Apparently Drag Queens Make Me Happy

I was standing in the checkout line at Safeway on Saturday when I noticed the woman in front of me had on really pointy high heels.

It was 10:00 am on a Saturday so it caught my attention.

So I looked at her outfit. She had on a black pleated skirt and an off the shoulder thin white semi-sparkly sweater.

She also had really skinny legs. And no hips. Oh my god is that a wig?

And she was probably 6′ 2″.

I was in a good mood all day.

I cannot even begin to explain why seeing a drag queen in the grocery store made me so happy that day. Maybe I was missing Orlando. (Orlando seemed to be very drag queen heavy. Or maybe it was just the fact that when I lived there half of my friends were gay men so I just spent a lot of time in places where drag queens liked to hang out.) Maybe it was just seeing something in such an unexpected place.

Maybe I have deeper issues.

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  1. I’m a firm believer in the healing property of drag queens.

  2. I’ll vote for that last one.

  3. Woulda made me smile if in my town. I’d expect it in the city, but not here in the burbs.

    Drag queens gotta eat too, I guess.

  4. Are you kidding me? Just listening to the soundtrack from Priscilla Queen of the Desert makes me happy. I went to a drag show the night before I got married and loved it. I’m kinda fascinated with it all. Does that make me a freak?

  5. Happy? Drag queens make you happy?

    HHMM, So that’s what there calling it these days.

    Dominant girls make me happy.

  6. To me an encounter with a drag queen is akin to the joy I expect a leprechaun would bring as if the latter actually existed. Magical. Happy. Fun. Sparkly.

  7. A good drag queen is always a pick me up!

    A bad one is even better…

    I don’t see anything strange about your mood lift from this.

  8. Last week, I saw a midget on roller skates at Whole Foods. I’m STILL smiling!

  9. Men in heels always make me happy. I think it is my over inflated need for revenge. After all, how many of our guys just tease us when our feet hurt after all day in heels.

  10. i don’t see enough queens. lots of gay men, but they never dress up where i see them. *sigh*

  11. I used to work out at a gym in San Diego where a drag queen did as well. He (or she) dressed like a woman even for workouts. Weird.

  12. there’s a particular grocery store here that the drag queens LOVE to shop at in the middle of the night on saturdays. i discovered this on a trip to try and make the (then) baby sleep.

    and honey, they were FABULOUS. they told me exactly what i needed for the bags under my eyes and place to get a bra to pull my ladies up.

  13. Lemme tell you something–I haven’t seen a queen yet in my new town. And it is making me cranky. I didn’t realize how much I missed being a drag hag until I went to my gay friend’s wedding in NYC in May. It was raining gays and I couldn’t have been happier. I lived with 3 opera singers in college (2 were gay.) Life was so much fun then.

  14. Hmmm, no drag queens in Howard Co. no wonder I hate grocery shopping so much!

  15. No drag queens here in small town Missouri. Maybe I will have better luck in England. I am glad you had your day brightened.

  16. Drag Queens rock it.

  17. Man what I would give for a little person on skates, or a drag queen in my little town. But we are too old school farm for that.

    I have to get my fill in each year at the Chicago Pride Parade. How lucky for you!


  18. During jury duty last week, my heart was warmed seeing a flamboyant gay boy amongst all the gray/navy blue suits. His exaggerated moves, brightly colored pants and sparkling top in that oh so austere setting made me grin ear to ear.

  19. To each person, a little drag queen must fall. And if a drag queen makes you giddy, imaging seeing a falling one!

    But that would never happen. Drag Queens handle their heels better than I do … and they look better doing it.

  20. Like my daughter said when watching the drag-queen episode of Project Runway … “They’re so pretty!”

  21. I’m thinking your columns simply make me smile (all the time)…and occasionally shoot coffee through my nose.


    Book Bytes

  22. Isn’t that a little early to be in drag attire?

    I thought you were going to say it was a hooker. Well, maybe it was a drag queen hooker, I suppose

  23. My hairdresser is a drag queen, which pleases me to no end.

  24. I love me a Drag Queen. They are too awesome for words and ALWAYS ALWAYS amazing to talk to.

    And day-um they can do my makeup to make me look AWESOME!

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