Close but No Cigar

We TiVO 120 Minutes on VH-1 Classic.

(1. Shut up. You’re not cool either. You know you have embarrassing season passes on your DVR too and 2) VH1 Classic, ugh. I’m so old.)

The first couple episodes of 120 Minutes we watched were all about Morrissey and Siouxsie & the Banshees and a lot of mid to late 80’s alternative music but lately they have been much more early 90’s stuff.

I was folding laundry and the kids were playing on the floor (Usually I let them watch kids shows if we have the TV on but if I am folding laundry I often insist on watching a “music show” which is usually some crap I recorded off of VH1 or MTV2 just so that I can pretend I still listen to music on occasion.) and the video for “Ruby Soho” came on.

“Hey guys!” I said. “You know this song don’t you?”

We have been known to listen to a lot of Rancid around thse parts.

“Yeah!” All of the sudden Ian was really excited. “I know that guy! I know who he is!”

“Which one?” I asked. “The guy with the mohawk?”

“Yeah! I know him!”

I was so proud. My son new Tim Armstrong by site.

“Mommy! He’s the guy from Guitar Hero!”

Oh. I see.

And nobody tell Tim Armstrong about this. I don’t think he would find this amusing.

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  1. You can never have enough Rancid in your life — good work on properly indoctrinating your kids (even if they think Tim Armstrong is a cartoon character. Which is only half-right.).

  2. We don’t have cable so there isn’t much to TiVO. I’m fascinated by mohawks though. How much time must they spend on their hair? I might blow dry mine if it is cold outside. I can’t imagine going through all that with my hair.

  3. I so love that song.

  4. Everytime my kids hear a song by “The Clash” they say “That is from Daddy’s game” (Rockband)

  5. I know Tim. He grew up in Campbell, Ca. I’m telling him next time I run into him. Seriously, I am.

  6. Love Rancid.

  7. I’m far more concerned about your parenting re: that they know what Guitar Hero is…….

  8. I have been on a ska thing recently and have noticed a lot of Rancid and the specials in my dreams.
    Tim Armstrong would probably appreciate that he is recognized by anyone under 30.

  9. that’s hillarious!

  10. I was so disappointed the other day, when I was singing “Ruby Soho” to a girl in my daughter’s school named Ruby. And the mom had no clue what I was doing.

    It’s a sin, really.

  11. I loved 120 minutes! Damn I’m old!

  12. OMG. Chills went down my spine when I saw “Ruby Soho”. LOVES IT!

  13. oh wow, I miss 120 minutes….

  14. From Morrissey to Rancid – now there’s variety!

  15. Hi, new to the blog…on to business:
    wth? 120 minutes! when? where?
    crap, i’m missing classic music! i must research…

    when i find good music (videos especially) i’ll let my 6 year old out from time-out for “music appreciation class”. my husband thinks i’m a dork, but he has bad taste in music, so i’m fighting an uphill battle with the kid.

    many thanks!

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