Questions For You: Social Media, Socializing and Anti-Social Behavior

1) Do I really need to get a Facebook page or is this just going to be like MySpace all over again?

2) Are you coming to the BlogHer Reach Out Tour in DC?

3) How often do you buy new sheets for your bed? Also – how many sets of sheets do you think you own for your main bed?

4) Are you watching True Blood? Did anybody read the books?

5) Have you ever been arrested? If so, for what?


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  1. 1. Yes. I never joined MySpace so I don’t know, but I likey Facebook a lot.
    2. No.
    3. I have two regular sets and one flannel set. These were purchased 3 1/2 years ago when we bought this bed – probably should have one more set in the rotation but…meh.
    4. No.
    5. No, amazingly enough, though I have been issued noise citations for parties. 😎

  2. 1. Facebook is exactly like myspace. Only much different. Try it, you might like it!

    2. No.

    3. Depending on the actual quality of the sheets, at least once a year. No extra set for rotation, though.

    4. Newp.

    5. No.

  3. 1. Facebook rules, Myspace sucks.

    2. I doubt it. I had my fill of DC traffic for the year this past Friday.

    3. I also have two regular sets and one flannel set of sheets. I buy sheets when something horrible happens to the previous ones, stains or holes/rips.

    4. Never heard of ’em.

    5. Only traffic violations. Technically counts as an arrest, but no handcuffs. Don’t ask when I have been handcuffed, though.. 😉

  4. 1) I’m on Facebook – Can’t keep up.
    2) I wish.
    3) Once/month? I know – that’s kinda gross. Must get the hubby to change them this week. And – 3 sets of flannels – 2 non-flannels. (People like buying us flannel sheets)
    4) Oh mah holy hell – YES! I didn’t read the books, but I’m loving the show.
    5) No. But then, my dad was a cop. 😉

  5. 1. Facebook is far superior

    2. No

    3. I guess I buy them when I need them. I have two full sets. I had three, but they were worn to the point of holes so I retired them.

    4. No and no

    5. Not yet

  6. 1. I very briefly had a Myspace page but never got into it. Actually I think I may have a Facebook page too – but I don’t remember. Goes to show how much I use them!

    2. No

    3. We have 2 sets that we got about 2 years ago as gifts. We just rotate them after every washing. I haven’t even thought about buying new ones.

    4. No. I’ve never actually heard of it. (Does that make me weird?)

    5. Yes, Back when I was much younger I got stopped for a DUI. Lesson learned though!

  7. Um… I’m a little concerned that you’re asking about changing bedsheets, socializing and being arrested in the same post…

    Should we worry about a connection? :)

  8. 1. I like Facebook, but it’s the flair- THE FLAIR- that really gets me.

    2. Nope.

    3. We haven’t had our bed very long and it’s a king size, so we only have (!) 1 set of sheets. That makes laundry day a very anxious day for all.

    4. Nope.

    5. Nope, thank Gawd, although it’s been a close call twice or three times!

  9. I am sadly all into Facebook.

    What email are you using these days, I wasn’t sure how to email you. Am I stupid or something, I didn’t find it on your blog.

  10. Lots of no’s today. I think I’ll join the no party.

    1)No, neither. But I did just join Multiply on the recommendation of my brother. We’ll see what that does for my blog hits.
    2) No.
    3) We have 1 fitted that fits the mattress, but I rotate the rest of the (unmatching) sheets and pillow cases. Pretty pathetic!
    4) No.
    5) No.

    Pretty boring answers today!

  11. Facebook is infinitely more entertaining and user-friendly.

    Not coming to DC.

    I buy sheets every couple of years. I currently have 3 sets of sheets for my bed.

    Having read the books.

    Never. Came close. But never.

  12. Jailed in Mexico for copulating on the beach. I was not copulating on the beach. I was just very loud and drunk. I can see how they got confused.

  13. 1 – I never joined myspace because it was mind-numbing and annoying. However I’ve been on facebook for years (when only college students could join, yo), and it’s nice. So yes, you need to sign up.

    2 – Hadn’t heard anything about it, but I might be persuaded to go since it’s a holiday and I don’t need to work.

    3 – Usually I only buy sheets when the old ones rip. We have 3 sets.

    4 – No and no. But I am watching Fringe.

    5 – Never. Didn’t you know I’m a little saint?

  14. 1. Never did MySpace, did Facebook for about a year. Left because of out-of-control friend requests from people I barely know….I just felt naked and it started to creep me out.

    2. no, live in Canada

    3. Bought two sets five years ago, when Husbandly One and I set up housekeeping together. Those two sets are still in fabulous condition; they weren’t super expensive, but they weren’t exactly discount, either, and you get what you pay for.

    4. No.

    5. GAWD no.

  15. 1) Yes. Facebook has connected me to a lot of people that I lost touch with. It doesn’t have to consume you, but it is useful.

    2) Not unless you pay.

    3) We change our sheets about once a month or whenever we have sex. So, once a month. We only have two sets of sheets. Do you need more?

    4) What is True Blood? Is it on Nickleodeon?

    5)Never been arrested. I don’t ever want to be somebody’s bitch.

  16. 1) I hated Myspace, I love Facebook. I can connect with my mother in law, my nieces and I’ve found friends I graduated high school with on a military base in Germany almost 20 years ago. Myspace is messy, facebook is clean and well set up.

    2) No

    3) Probably about once a year but we only have two sets. And since I don’t like one of those sets we really only have one that we use.

    4) No, is it good?

    5) Nope.

  17. 1. Don’t know. Do you have time for it?
    2. No.
    3. Like 6 sets or something ridiculous like that. Maybe more. Maybe I should change them more often.
    4. I’ve never read the books. I saw the 1st episode & I’m not sure how I feel about it.
    5. No.

  18. 1. Facebook is just another giant time suck. Since you birthed two of those, I’m thinking you can pass.

    2. Nope

    3. I buy sheets like you wouldn’t believe. It’s a sickness. I think we have like 6 sets for our bedroom right now, not counting the flannel sets for winter that are still packed away. First day of autumn and it’s 84 in St Louis. How much sense does that make!?

    4. Nope and nope.

    5. I’ve never been arrested. Not because I’m such a good person who toes the line of the law…I just have been fortunate enough to not get caught during my rowdy fun college years.

  19. 1) I started to do a Facebook page and then freaked out and thought to myself that it was a bit creepy. Twitter is bad enough! Let me know if you get one, you’ll be my only friend!

    2) No idea what that is. Am I missing out on something good? Can I get a beer there?

    3) New sheets = a few times a year. I just started buying all white sheets so I don’t have to worry about matching up sheets for all the beds in the house!

    4) Haven’t read them, but it seems to be the thing to do. But that would mean I would have to give up my internet addiction for a while.

    5)Yeppers. In college I was in charge of some contractors for a home improvement big box store. They would sweet talk me and buy me booze and I didn’t notice they were filtering out supplies from the back door. Had to call my parents from the county klink. My mom still won’t let me forget it.

  20. 1) Get a Facebook page. It’s alot classier than MySpace and the design is better. Like Target vs. Shoppers World.

    2) I wish I was going to DC. Business obligations prevent it right now.

    3) Not often enough. Petman is a nimnod about sheets, likes to kill them with bleach, more than twice a week and claims we can’t own more than one set at a time. “Nobody does!”, he says. Ideally, I would have three sets. Agent M has four.

    4) Gonna have to go look that one up. Currently reading recent James Patterson paperback.

    5) No.

  21. 1) No MySpace, no Facebook. I’m a rebel like that.
    2) I’d have gone to D.C. if I knew you’d be there, so I could stalk you, and sit on your lap, and we could be BFF’s. What?
    3) Not often enough. I have three sets of sheets for our bed, but if you don’t count the ones that have holes, I only have one.
    4) No true blood. I can barely find time to read the paper.
    5) Never arrested, buy I did get a Jay-Walking ticket oncee.

  22. 1. Yes! I was actually going to look you up on Facebook the other day and then I forgot. So go get yourself a page. It’s really hilarious the random people that come out of the woodwork, and if you don’t like them you can always IGNORE. ha!

    2. Nope.

    3. I just bought a new set at the Bloomingdale’s sale. I have 3 sets now, but one is from 8 years ago when we got married. I think I probably need to throw those away.

    4. Oh yah! in fact, I’m waiting for my husband to put it on now because I missed it last night.

    5. Nah, I’m either boring or lucky. ;-D

  23. 1. Facebook is better than Myspace, but still kinda meh.

    2. Nope, but I am going to the one in Boston!

    3. It’s been forever, since my mother keeps buying them for me when she finds them on sale! 4 or 5, I think.

    4. Never heard of it, and don’t have HBO. Are the books any good?

    5. Nope. Always the good girl.

  24. 1. Don’t get a Facebook page it’s just another retarded thing in our lives and we’re not 16. Get LinkedIn if you are going to do any of those – it’s FaceBook and Myspace for the grown up set. Just as retarded but you know.
    2. Nope.
    3. When I worked at Linen Source I had a shitload of extremely fancy sheets – 5-6 sets. Now I have one, and it’s piecemeal of other sets and looks like hell.
    4. Nope. You know I don’t watch nonkids shows.
    5. Arrested? You have to get CAUGHT to get ARRESTED sucka.

  25. 1) No, but then I never had a Myspace pager either.

    2) No. Duh.

    3) Every couple of years probably. I really don’t know..probably have 4 sets, both cotton and flannel. No, I’m not gay.

    4) Yes. So far it’s kind of kick ass. I’m enjoying it. Never read the books though.

    5) I promised I wouldn’t talk about it. :)

  26. 1) I’m sure facebook will turn out like myspace…(doesn’t mean I don’t do both…not very often though)

    2) Nope.

    3) I have two sets of sheets for my bed and about 4 for the kid.

    4) Nope.

    5) Nope.

    Bo-ring. I know.

  27. 1. Not sure about MySpace, but I love me some Facebook.

    2. I would love to, but I just quit my job and I don’t think I can afford it. Maybe they’ll give me a BlogHer scholarship.

    3. Three sets, I think–no four, but one of them sucks and we don’t use it.

    4. It comes on right before Entourage so I may break down and watch it one of these Sunday nights.

    5. Yes. It was extremely stupid of me and could have totally ruined my life, but it scared me pretty much straight, so I try not to think about it much.

  28. 1) I have a Facebook page and a MySpace page. I can’t even tell you the last time I looked at my Facebook page though. But, all the cool kids are doing it!

    2) Negative

    3) Hmmm I dunno. I have two sets though. One is a super high thread count and the other is not. The “not” set is much softer. Love them. I usually only use one set, take it off, wash it and put it back on, because I would rathar poke my eyes out with a spoon than fold a fitted sheet! But my sheets get washed about three times a week. Pain in the ass. But the reason behind it is well worth it. 😉

    4) I know not what you speak of

    5) No. But I did assault a police officer when I was 16. Does that count?

  29. 1. I have a facebook acocunt, it’s fun. I hated myspace.
    2. No
    3. I buy sheets when the old sheets get threadbare or loose their elastic. We have 2 sets of sheets for the big bed and 2 sets for Noodle’s bed.
    4. Love the Southern Vampire Books. LOVE THEM! Much better than the show but I am still watching the show. I want a pin that says Sookie for President. Her character is a lot better in the books.
    5. Yes. smoking illegal substances in college.

  30. 1. Facebook — I have a FB page, but I mostly ignore it.

    2. YES! See you there.

    3. I buy sheets when I can’t find any clean ones in the linen closet that fit the bed.

    4. Yes, I’m watching; no, I haven’t read the books.

    5. No. I probably should have been, and I came close once, but no. Whew.

  31. 1) I never looked at the myspace page once I set it up but I flit in and out of facebook. Right now I’m in. Kind of the lazy way to keep up with folks without having to put the time and effort into calling them. Or heaven forbid get dressed and go meet them somewhere.

    2) Never heard of it.

    3)Never buy them as we have loads. I hate to make up the bed or fold sheets and think we should take the sheets right out of the dryer back on the bed. DH thinks that would wear them out more quickly. X nights a year times Y sheet sets – equals out to me. But… you pick your battles.

    4) Never heard of it

    5) yes, for overstaying my visa in a foreign country. A little less dramatic than it seems as I turned myself in when I realised.


  32. 1) I hate My Space…but I have one so I can log in. I do not have Face Book, I don’t understand why everyone loves it.

    2) NO

    3) I bought a new set 4 years ago
    I have 1 set, I wash..then put back on.

    4) LOVE IT!! No I didn’t and will not read the books since I’m watching it on TV.

    5) No, almost though. I was protesting against Bill Clinton when he ran for president the first time..when the cops came and started cuffing people I ran and acted like a democrat

  33. 1. Never did Myspace, so I can’t compare. I do like Facebook for keeping in touch with friends and relatives that I don’t see regularly. — Now,I don’t like when random people that I graduated HS with ask to be my “friend.” I don’t really know you and we probably won’t cross paths, what’s the point? Am I mean?
    2. No
    3. Currently all of my sheets are less than 3 years old as they were all wedding presents. I have 3 regular sets and 2 flannel sets. Way more sheets than I think are truly necessary but it is nice to not have to wash immediately when changing the sheets. I will use them until they fall apart, I’m sure.
    4. Never heard of it.
    5. No way, I’m a big chicken and make it a point to not do anything that could land me in the pokey!

  34. 1. I have Facebook and don’t use it terribly often. However, while I’ve one been on there for a couple months, in the last 2 weeks it seems to have exploded with users. Or else all those people I’ve been hiding from for all these years have finally found me.
    2. Yep, I’m going!
    3. Two sets of white sheets, two sets of bronze-colored sheets (one set is jersey, the other standard). The one white set is slowly falling apart and such; the jersey set my husband refuses to sleep on, even in winter, so really, I only swap between 1 white and 1 bronze set.
    4. Nope and Nope.
    5. Nope.

  35. facebook. Meh. I’m there half-heartedly.

    Blogher – hadn’t heard about it.

    Sheets – two. Swap them every couple of weeks.

    What? um, no.

    Arrested? yes. Underage drinking. College. Who hasn’t? Apparently a large portion of your readership.

  36. Wow okay let’s see…

    1. Myspace is like Walmart. Facebook is like Walmart in a less trashy neighborhood. My MIL is on Facebook, so it must be okay.

    2. I was going to, but now I can’t. Maybe Boston. Or you could just have me over to your place, we could have adrink and talk about blog stuff on a day more conveinent for me. The whole conference on a Monday thing was a bad idea. Boo!

    3. I hate buying sheets. More laundry is bad. I have maybe 5 sets. I am a little unconfortable with this line of questioning. Can we get back to you having me over for dinner? Oh wait, did I not mention dinner in that last answer. Sorry.

    4. My sister keeps trying to get me to read them. I had to put like eight things on the back burner just to type this comment, so I am thinking no time to read new books.

    5. No but I think if I keep stalking other mommybloggers I might be soon.
    Two words- False Imprisonment.

  37. 1. Facebook — Love it. Never had a Myspace page, so I can’t compare. But Facebookhelps me keep in contact with friends from all over — and all in one fell swoop — so I dig it. And it doesn’t have to completely overwhelm you… I just check it after I tuck the kiddos in bed. Though I agree with the person who said they are consumed by FLAIR! I can’t navigate away from that page!

    2. No, but I wish.

    3. I think we have 2 or 3 sets, and I can’t remember the last time I bought any. Must have been 8 years ago when we got married. I like one set the best, so I usually wash them and put them right back on. How often do I wash them? Probably not often enough. I can’t stand doing the never-ending chore of laundry, so if it can pass the sniff test in any sort of decent manner, it stays put. No use adding to the pile just for shits and giggles……

    4. No and no. Hadn’t heard of either. (And we have regular TV. No cable/Dish/Direct, or whatever else is out there….)

    5. Never been cuffed….. But I did get in HUGE legal trouble for throwing my garbage away in someone else’s dumpster once. I was too naive to know you weren’t allowed to do that. I thought garbage cans were garbage cans. Apparently it happened to the store owner all the time and I was the straw the broke the dude’s back. The prosecuter’s office was up to thier knees in the dumpster sorting out pieces of my mail. The judge actually gave me jail time, but suspended it. The entire courtroom gasped when he said it. Seriously. And I thought I was going to vomit. All those wild-drunken nights, and I get busted for garbage. Figures.

  38. I’ll be at the Reachout tour! I volunteered to live blog…I figured it would give me something productive to do. :)

  39. OMG, I have been reading (lurking) here forever. But the mention of True Blood has brought me out of the woods! I am totally obsessed with this show. I have read the first two books but now I can’t wait to read the others.

    what were the other questions?

  40. Facebook – yeah, I have a page, but no, I don’t *get* it. Too much stuff on a page and too many ways for my worlds to collide on there.

    BlogHer – YES!

    Sheets – Have 2 sets, one on the bed, one in the wash. Both are pretty old. I’m a boring white sheet kinda person.

    True Blood – never heard of it. I AM on the list for Twilight at the library though.

    Arrested – not exactly.

  41. You are 100% on it about facebook. I am not going to anything in DC, wah . I just bought a bunch of new sheets for numerous beds (frickin’ blog and breakfast I’m runnin’). I thought my mind would melt trying to sift the queen from the full from the double from the what the hell??? Took my nearly two hours. Man am I ever stupid! I could have truly killed someone over near the throws and bedskirts. I guess that would have got me arrested. ( I always three the tequila pretty far from the vehicle, so I man not always so stupid, eh? )

  42. I just joined facebook… and caught up with many former thespians of Troupe 165. Like people who actually remembered that it was called Troupe 165. I miss u… hope u are great!

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