Randomness Part 117

PETA pisses me off. Seriously, BREAST milk for ice cream?

I got two hits this week for people searching gnats living in my butt.

You will only think this link is funny if you watch Heroes AND follow the NFL. And I do, so I think it is hilarious.

“I have this recurring nightmare where I’m at my 11th birthday party, but instead of my classmates, all the guests are Serj Tankian from System of a Down.” – from Sorry I Missed Your Party (Thanks for the link, Tiffer.)

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  1. “Gnats living in my butt.” Thank you, I keep meaning to look that up.

    And PETA can suck (t)it.

  2. I’m sorry. I was just thinking about what would happen if there were gnats living in my butt and I farted.

    God, I really am, like, what? Eight years old?

  3. I would be completely annoyed if Serj showed up at my party. He’d probably just want to do some of his solo stuff and I totally don’t want to hear it….

  4. I hate PETA. They think they are so clever, but really they are just a bunch of whiners.

  5. ok, so “gnats living in my butt” will be the title of my next post, although whatever i write will have absolutely nothing to do with gnats or anything living in my butt! hahaha!

    & thanks for the email about my comment on PETA stuff…

  6. Boob juice in ice cream. Are they for reals?

    So will women start getting paid to pump? And if so will the “top dairy producers” get prizes or make more money?


  7. Serj?? Yeah, without SOD, he’s just loud.

  8. Breast milk ice cream? Ewww.

    BTW my jeans cost $100 ($70 with the discount), more than I usually like to pay for jeans (or clothes!) but they are so worth it.

  9. If you think it is cruel to get milk from cows I would say that pumping breast milk is cruel and unusual punishment if there isn’t a tiny baby waiting for it on the other side.

    As for PETA, my BILs bumper sticker says it all PETA-People Eating Tasty Animals

  10. What have you been doing that might be causing those gnats to live in your butt??? LMAO. Sorry. I am not very mature. If it makes you feel better, people have come to Mommy Bits before by searching for Boob Juice. I have never used that phrase before… No idea how it brings them to me.

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