I Hope You Had a Better Time at The National Book Festival

On Saturday I took the grumpiest child in the world to the National Book Festival.

I made the mistake of not going early so the lines were super long to meet all the PBS characters. Fortunately, Claudia was too pissy to stand still and have her picture taken with Clifford anyway.

We did get to go on the Magic School Bus. (Thanks PBS Kids!)

There was that. Then I saw the back of Neil Gaiman’s head and I heard him read approximately three words from his new book before Claudia completely lost her mind. I did not get to see Tiki Barber (or Kristen) but I did get to meet Papa Bradstein and he gave Claudia some water. So that calmed her down for about 45 seconds and then I just gave up and took her to the McDonalds in Air and Space with some friends where I got to actually talk about books while the girl ate some french fries and scowled at me.

Next year I’m either going alone or I will actually show up on time.

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  1. That first picture is hilarious.

  2. That’s just all your evil DNA rising to the surface. Ask your mother, she’ll agree. :)
    Claudia slays me. I’m totally buying her some ice cream some time.

  3. Crap on a cracker! That first picture is so classic and beautiful! If I were you, I’d blow it up big and hang it above the mantle.

  4. Oh Boy. If you look at that picture real close, you can actually see her eyes roll. When she gets to be a mid-teenager, she will be ten times worse.

    Buy some insurance and make sure it has a dismemberment clause.

    I don’t know why, but angst-ridden girls always make me smile.

  5. I LOVE the first picture! Classic look.

  6. oh the eye roll!

  7. I thought I had the grumpiest girl! I think yours might take the trophy home;) Have to giggle at that look!

  8. You should show that picture to boy that she brings home that you don’t like!

  9. BTW – what happened to your boy?

  10. OMG I know that look…
    “Daddy, you SUCK.”

  11. Be glad the lasers shooting out of her eyes didn’t ignite every damn book at the festival.

  12. ha! I was there too and after waiting in the hottest and most humid book buying tent for 40 minutes to buy two books to get signed, my 7 year old took one look at the signing lines and announced that he was ready to leave! `We did see the magic school bus though and it was the highlight.

  13. Oh my god. We went, too. I almost emailed you, but rain was threatening, and I was like “why in the hell would she want to go to the book festival?”

    Should have emailed you.

  14. That look on her face is priceless. Expect that to be her constant expression in a few years :)

  15. That photo is funny! I wonder what she’ll say when she sees it when she’s a teen :)

  16. Yep. That’s EXACTLY why we didn’t go.

  17. My first thought on seeing that first pic? Oh! Wow! She looks so much like you! Then, Watch out for the pre-teen years!

    Sounds like our trip last year to the Book Festival. Still… I missed it this year.

  18. Sounds like our trek to the National Book Festival. My 5 year old had a belly ache and then she thirsty which sound like minor complaints unless you saw the theatrics that accompanied these issues! At one point I walked ahead of her and then she would chase me screaming…what fun! They did calmly sit through David Shannon’s talk (which was funny!) and Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin.

  19. Hey, you’re ON the magic school bus!


  20. HA I love the grumpy picture. Too cute.

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