Randomness Part 118

The easiest way to peel a hard boiled egg? No freaking way. Tell me if you try this and it works. (Hat tip: Faye)

Best license plate ever.

This last one courtesy of The Kaiser. He sent it in an email that read exactly like this:

PS – Don’t watch this around the kids.
PSS – It’s German.
PSSS – No really, watch it.

The Master of the Butt Flute.

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  1. How does one discover they have such talent?

  2. ROFL. I think Campbell F’d him good and hard on Sun :)

    I wonder what that kid ate for lunch…

  3. I’ll try to remember to try the egg thing at some point and report.

    I don’t get the license plate.

    I’ll have to wait till I get home to view the Butt Fluter. But I am intrigued.

  4. 1 – HUH? I don’t think I can do that to an egg … can I?

    2 – Hee hee. Can I get an F Jessica Simpson plate?

    3 – The Butt Fluter … I think that may be my brother.

  5. I MUST go boil an egg RIGHT NOW.

  6. Egg thing…cool.

    Flute thing…let’s hope he washed it afterwards.

  7. Gah! Butt Flutter make me feel a little ill. All I could think about was some poor little kid picking that up and playing it afterwards. Ewwwwww.

  8. The things one can do when you blow really hard, at either end of your digestive system.

  9. Just in case you were curious, the butt flute is a tribute to the guy’s ex-girlfriend and ex-best friend. He thinks they know who they are.

  10. I’ve got some eggs that need blowing … does that guy make house calls?

  11. Ok, so I just did the egg thing.

    When I tried to blow out the egg, I just cracked the shell a lot more. Maybe I wasn’t holding it tight enough, maybe it was still too warm. (Holy Lord does that all sound dirty.)

    HOWEVER, it really did seem to make the egg easy to peel after that, I didn’t have any of those microscopic crunchy bits left on the egg.

    And yes, it’s a slow night at my house.

  12. My kids have seen butts. I’m totally showing Lou.

  13. Great, I will never get back to sleep because I now i realize how inferior I am.

  14. That is so absurd that I almost have to try it. The egg, not the flute. But to “boil on low”? WTF?

  15. merseydotes says:

    The other day I had to hard boil 5 dozen eggs for a church thing and thought Basil and I would kill each other in the process of peeling them all. In short, thanks, but I wish I had seen this three weeks ago.

    Cooley has been collecting a bunch of license plates – I think there are others like that out there. Check his blog.

    …I am disturbed.

  16. Frank Sucks says:

    Good to see that my good friend Frank Romo got that plate he always dreamed of. Big Skins fan, that Frank.

  17. off to boil some eggs right now…

  18. Thanks for the warning on the flute video. My son would definitely try that!

    I wonder if it would help with the potty training? Hmmm…

  19. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I apparently needed to see that video. Thank you.

  20. OMG…the butt flute guy. I will NEVER get that image out of my head..ever..

  21. I do know that the ice and cold water trick helps you peel a hard-boiled egg very easy. The cold water helps the shell not adhere to the egg.

    I’m so going to try that though.

  22. Much cooler than the egg trick.


  23. I can’t wait until Christmas to play that Butt Flute recording for my family…right after singing happy birthday to the Baby Jesus.

    BTW, took me a good 10 min to stop laughing long enough to type.

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