Thank You They Might Be Giants

“Hey Mom, can we go play under that conifer?”

C is for conifer, my kind of tree.

Thank You They Might Be Giants

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  1. C is for Conifer, my kind of tree.
    We love TMBG, too!

  2. Just wait until they start belting out, “Istanbul/Constantinople.” That’s really good stuff.

  3. I love it! K sings the Alphabet of Nations with me and her favorite is D is for Drums. And just about the rest of them! Do you have the 123s also? It’s just as much fun!

  4. I am so out of it, with my kids a bit older. (And my never reading to them when they were little.) I love the photo.

  5. Most with cones for seeds, most with needles for leaves.

  6. Awesome. Next up, “Mommy, can I run to the hills?”

  7. We love that disc. You know who else is a giant? Aaron Rodgers, and he’s going to take you down. You know, provided his arm doesn’t fall out of his shoulder before the end of the game.

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