Scariest Pop Up Ad Ever

If you can’t read it says FInd Children: Find the widest variety of children on the web. Buy Now!

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  1. OK. That’s just bizarre. And disturbing.

  2. Ew.

  3. And what exactly were you perusing when this popped up, young lady?

  4. How freaky. Hopefully it was an innocent typo and was supposed to be something like “find children’s clothing.” If not, ewwww and ewww.

  5. Did you find them?

  6. Totally disturbing.

  7. oh my word.

  8. It’s probably a “fill-in-the-blank” kind of template, where whatever you are searching for information on, whether it is “shoes” or “toys” or “children” just gets put into the add and displayed. Still. Creepy.

  9. that’s just creepy on so many levels.

  10. Um. Okay. I wonder if they’ll consider selling some of the kids I saw in the grocery store the other day.

  11. Not good. Not good at all.

  12. Now we know what Nebraska is doing with the teens left at hospitals.

    (Is this reference too new/obscure for people to know?)

  13. That’s not an online shopping tool… it’s a cookbook! IT’S A COOKBOOK!

  14. Aprylsantics says:

    Don’t freak out. That’s exactly how I got mine. Two for the price of one. Not bad, except one of them just runs in circles.

  15. even freaker is that Tom Cruises name is in the text…

  16. Oh no. That just really can’t be anything good…

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