Who is In? BlogHer Reach Out Washington D.C.

Speaking at BlogHer DC

Tomorrow at 2:45 Cindy Samuels and I will be presenting on/leading a discussion about Blogging Basics and Managing Information Overload: How to find your blogging community.

Come out and ask good questions that make me sound intelligent, or at least say hi at the cocktail party.

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  1. I hope you all have as much fun in DC as we did in Boston! Good luck with your presentation.

  2. Rats! My panel is at the same time. :( Will you fill me in later?? Pretty please? I’ll buy you some sangria!

  3. I need to move to DC.

  4. SOOO wish I could be there..a D.C. area native, but now in Richmond and 95 being the evil b*tch she can be, and my kiddos in school, I dare not risk it.

    Do share the glee via a post later, and if next year’s D.C. leg is on a weekend (read: non-school day) I’ll be there with bells on.

    Know your session will be great…have fun!

  5. Have a great time!

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