My Anniversary Dinner

Nine years ago on this very day Gabe and I were married.


Guess where we are going to dinner to mark this momentous occasion?

Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Isn’t it romantic?

See, when I promised Ian I would take him to his school fundraiser at Chuck E. Cheese’s on Thursday night I wasn’t thinking Thursday, October 16th.

Now in order to be a good mother I have to spend my special evening where a kid can be a kid. Happy Anniversary, Gabe. Your gift from me is that you get to stay home with Claudia. (She loathes Chuck E. Cheese’s.) I think that proves my love as much as anything.

Ah, whatever. Next year we’re going to wine country.

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  1. Congrats you crazy kids! And have fun with Wack-A-Mole! :-)

  2. merseydotes says:

    Happy anniversary. Be sure to get a really awesome make your own sundae. (Do they still do those???)

  3. Congratulations! Mama would love any place that serves pizza, even if their mascot is a rat. (Me, I agree with Claudia, but we can keep that to ourselves.)

  4. Well, if you had to choose a date for the evening other than Gabe, at least you chose a cute guy.

    We’re going to be spending out 10yr date anniversary this year in TX with Tom’s sister. I don’t think he has realized this yet.

  5. Happy Anniversary to another crazy person who married, as my husband puts it, a longhair. His hair’s shorter than mine now, but it wasn’t when we got married. I’m sure Gabe will appreciate his gift, even if Ian won’t remember going to rat-land. Do they still serve beer at the CEC’s in VA?

  6. Congrats! What a beautiful picture …

  7. Congratulations! For our ninth anniversary last year (October 18 — not too far away!) we ended up going to Moe’s at Bailey’s Crossroads. ‘Twas a romantic setting with people yelling “Welcome to Moe’s!” every forty-five seconds…

    Enjoy the baseball capped mouse!

  8. Hilarious, but oh I can relate. What a beautiful photo of a gorgeous couple. Congratulations!

  9. Happy Anniversary. Enjoy it while you can…before I kick your butt in football this weekend. Sure, I don’t have a QB, but I will relish eating you alive with the Bucs D.

  10. Ah…nothing says “I love you” like the smell of mozzarella and feet.

  11. Happy anniversary Sara and Gabe!

  12. Ooops. SaraHHHHHH.

  13. Happy Anniversary — your first game of whack a mole is on me!

  14. Happy anniversary and pass the pepperoni.

  15. Happy Anniversary!

  16. happy anniversary! How old were you when you got married, 15?

    and yeah, wine country

  17. Happy 10th! I know it was supposed to be stormy that day but it looks amazing out and so do you!

  18. I’m sure I mentioned this last year but I drink a lot so I’m saying it again: Not only do we both have twins, and have the same birthday, but we both got married on October 16th!! (Mine ended in a nasty divorce, but c’est la vie!)

    Happy Anniversary!

  19. Chuck E. Cheese gargles balls.

    Which brings us to a good anniversary gift.

  20. Great wedding pics, BTW.

  21. Stepping out with another man on your anniversary? For shame. Congrats!

  22. Wow, I thought our anniversary celebration this year was bad — we went to Pei Wei with the kids on Sunday. I bet by the time we hit 20 years we’ll be camping out in the carport with spam sandwiches and Bud Light. 😉

    Happy Anniversary!

  23. Just so you have something to look forward to, my husband and I just celebrated our 13th anniversary, and to mark the festive occasion had frozen pizza. Hooray!

  24. Happy Anniversary you crazy kids! At least you can have a beer — or 10.

  25. There’s always the weekend! I hope you’re not going to wait for next year to do something fun. :)

  26. Happy Day to both of you. Not making him go to CEC’s is the highest form of love there is.

    We’ll be at a fundraiser dinner tonight, also. Souplantation anyone?

  27. Happy Anniversary. Nothing changes those special celebrations like having kids. The year Mr. Blue was an infant, we went through the drive-through at Dairy Queen with both kids screaming bloody murder. It was so romantic.

  28. Dear Chuck E. Coli,
    Have mercy on poor Sarah.

  29. Congrats on the 9 years. Sorry about the venue of your dinner (hopefully you’ll celebrate better this weekend).

  30. Happy Anniversary!

    Your dress looks gorgeous and I love the gloves!

    *wOOt* for wackamole! (looks like guacamole) HA HA HA

  31. What a beautiful, beautiful picture.

    Happy Anniversary!

  32. hee heee

  33. Happy Anniversary!

  34. Happy Anniversary!

  35. How do I get a kid that hates Chuck E. Cheese? I want one of those.

    The photo is gorgeous. Happy Anniversary!

  36. Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Aniversarrrrryyyyyyy, Happy Anniversary.

    From me, Fred, Wilma and the rest of the Flinstone Family.

  37. Happy Anniversary. Did you whack a mole?

  38. Happy anniversary! Hope you brought home some tokens for Gabe.

  39. We spent our eighth anniversary going to Princess’ ballet recital and grabbing fast food for dinner. When you know you’re together forever, sometimes it’s not a problem to defer the celebration to a different date.

    Our tenth anniversary, on the other hand, involved a trip to Monterey to taste lots of wine and do lots of sightseeing without small people. Nothing was gonna get in the way of that!

  40. Happy belated anniversary…I hope you got a lot of tokens. Bow chick bow wow.

    Sorry…couldn’t resist! 😉

    p.s. Somehow I have NEVER yet taken my kids to Chuck E. Cheese…we had to miss the one party last year at le Chuck’s. I was soooo sad. Tee hee.

  41. Happy anniversary! My husband and I were married 4 years ago on Oct 16th, and to celebrate, we had chicken in the crock pot and sweet potatoes – because that’s what our two kiddos will eat. We do so much for our children! Congrats on the 9 years, and hopefully you WILL be in wine country a year from now!

  42. Lol that’s where our family went for our anniversary too.

  43. misfithausfrau says:

    Happy Belated Anniversary!

  44. Happy Anniversary. Did you take your skeeball tickets and get Gabe something special at the prize counter?

  45. Happy Anniversary.

    Chuck E. Cheese’s has a nice selection of boxed wines. What’s the problem?

  46. Happy Anniversary!!
    That picture is gorgeous.

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