Can anybody read the bottom line on the eye doctor’s little chart or is it just some sort of hilarious inside joke for Ophthalmologists?

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  1. My vision is so bad I can’t see the bigass “E” they slap up there. You know, the one that’s like three feet across? That’s just embarrassing.

    I never considered that bottom line could just be a joke, containing numbers or greek letters or ampersands or something. Or do you think it’s something like:
    U R A Q T I M N S P U

    (That’s lame, but I couldn’t think of anything clever, sorry. Letter jokes are hard.)

  2. The resolution is too low to read it. The same size picture, in a high res non compressed format would make a HUGE difference in your ability to parse the characters.

  3. I can read it, but only when I’m about six inches away from it, or using binoculars.

  4. I can’t read the big E without my glasses either. I always wonder why do they make me take off my glasses and try to see what I can read. Are they just making fun of me?

  5. Those are letters!!! I thought that was some sort of pattern from 8 down

  6. I usually can’t read very many of the lines, unless I have my glasses on. And that kinda defeats the purpose, doesn’t it??

  7. I would go with “hilarious little joke for Opthamologists.” Those wacky Opthamologists, always making hilarious jokes.

  8. My dad can. He’s got like 20/10 vision which I didn’t even know is possible but I guess it is if you’re my dad. But otherwise no, I don’t think anyone can read that.

  9. I used to be able to (then I turned 35).

  10. The last line actually reads “There is no way in h-e-l-l you’re actually going to read this, so quit pretending. And you look really douchey squinting like that.”

  11. Yes, I can read it.

    I can also see you naked if I squint really hard. See my father, Jor-El told me to only use my powers for good, but I say eff that. Me usey my powers to see naked ladies!

  12. I can, but I can read anything that is within two feet of my face.

  13. I can read to line 7. Under that? Must be just a pattern. Or dots. I think if I were reading it out to an optometrist I’d just go with “Fullstop, fullstop, fullstop, fullstop…”

  14. Meh. I’m not even going to try – I’m under twenty, and I have worse vision than my father. *sob*

  15. I can barely read line 9 and I’m on a laptop not far from my face AND wearing my glasses!

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