My Children Give Me Hope for the Future

This morning Claudia and I were talking about voting. I explained to her that if you were over 18 and a United States citizen you got to pick who you wanted to be your leader. I tried to simplify it (I don’t even think I could explain the electoral college if I wanted to) and I told her that whoever got the most votes would win.

To illustrate this point I did what any good mommy blogger would do – I Googled a picture of Barack Obama and John McCain.

I pointed at each man and said this is Barack Obama and this is John McCain. Then we looked at a different picture of them and I pointed them out again. Then we looked at another.

I asked Claudia if she could tell which one was which.

She pointed at the man on the left “This is Narack Ofama” (meh, close enough for a four year old) “and this is John McCain. You know how I can tell?”

I asked her how.

“They have different color hair.”

While I sit here and worry that there are Americans out there that won’t vote for a good man just because of the color of his skin I can be assured that at least one of the next generation of voters didn’t even notice the difference.

That gives me hope.

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  1. How lovely.
    My 3 year old only sees the color of people’s shirts. It’s only a problem when she’s following someone with darker skin than ours who happens to be wearing a brown shirt and she’s calling out, “Hey brown boy! Brown boy! Come play with me!”

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I have been reading some of your archives and I enjoy your writing very much!

  2. That’s amazing. I love that there was no difference in her little mind…and I hope and pray that one day that will characterize the rest of our country.

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