Another SATGS PSA – Metal Trivets

If you have metal trivets that look like this

try really hard not to drop them on your toes, especially if you have bare feet. Trust me on this one. That crap hurts.


In related news, four of my toes are purple.

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  1. Is the fifth toe having roast beef?

  2. Aprylsantics says:

    I’d go with a nice coral nail polish. Pink would be too Disney Princess.

  3. Ice, ice, baby.

  4. Frank Sucks says:

    Be happy you still have toes!

  5. File under: lessons learned the hard way. I hate that.

  6. I did something similar recently…and lost a toenail. That was fun.

  7. Um..ouch? Yes, Ouch would be it.

  8. Also on a related note if you aren’t in the habit ironing, you should not store your iron on a high shelf esp if you are an unorganized slob.

  9. You can avoid this by buying cheap crap like me. I have wooden trivets from K-Mart. They’re so flimsy they couldn’t hurt a flea.

  10. I recently dropped a TV table on my big toe. It wasn’t broken, but I did get to have the blood drained from under the nail. It wasn’t fun, but felt a million times better!

  11. Oh my god. Apply beer. Stat.

  12. Quickly…VERY quickly — get these to Rob Bironas before he can kick tonight. It’s my only chance to hold out against Megtatron Jones.

  13. Ouch. Was there blood?

  14. Are they purple in that pretty cross-hatch pattern?

  15. Well done. At least you have something legitimate to show. I mean, I can tell how painful that would’ve been. I once dropped a (plastic) peanut butter jar on my foot. It was all purple and swollen but everyone just thought it was HILARIOUS!

  16. Ouch. And I’ll keep that in mind if I ever get metal trivets.

    My biggest problem is walking into things that I know are there (which makes me feel brilliant, let me tell you). I need to get more furniture with rounded edges one of these days.

  17. Hey! Congrats on missing that last toe! I am sure it is grateful!!


    Sorry your tootsies are hurtin, girl! Ice and Ibuprofen…And a rum and coke after the kiddos go to bed!!


  18. Four out of five toes recommend work boots for metal trivet hangers who have toes.

  19. I don’t know what trivets are, but they look heavy. At least, much too heavy to be dropping on toes. Ouch!

  20. I thought you were going to tell us how to make a great game of Tic Tac Toe (pun intended) out of it.

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