Quick Favor

Can you guys please go to this site and vote for Yodeling Goat Media?

I’ll be your best friend.

Plus then Mark will owe me and he will have to babysit for free.


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  1. Hey, anyone who would babysit your monsters for free deserves to be voted for. Baaa baaa baaa.

  2. Already did, I will now make everyone in my office do it. I’m so bossy!

  3. Voted!

  4. voted (and actually watched all and liked that one the best)

  5. done

  6. voted for your man, even though I liked the musical videos better.

  7. Thank You everyone!!!!!!!

  8. His video sums everything else pretty nicely, doesn’t it? Thanks for pointing me to that site.

  9. I voted – what else do I get?

  10. Vote for Mark, check.

    Since we have been friends forever (as we discussed this weekend) I feel that I need to be bribed something else. Beer works.

  11. Voted. I tried to vote more than once, but it wouldn’t let me. Oh well. Ask Mark if he knows anyone that needs freelancers for me. :)

  12. Done. Now you have to promise to lose to my team in FFootball next time around.

  13. I voted for them. Shouldn’t he have to babysit for free for me too?

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