I Tried

On Monday I went to do my duty as an American. I was going to vote early.

But alas, the place was packed. They said there was an hour and a half wait.

And I had the twins with me.

And they needed a nap.

It looks like I’ll be taking them to vote again on Tuesday. I’m scared.

Part of me is thrilled that so many people seem to be participating this year. We’ve had such crappy voter turn out in the past that it is really exciting to see so many people trying to vote early.

The other part of me is terrified that I will spend six hours in line at the polls on Tuesday.

Either way, I know it will be worth it.

Now, who has good ideas on how to keep two four year olds occupied for five hours while standing in a line? I only have on DS.

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  1. My husband and I are going to try tomorrow. We’re hoping the lines aren’t that bad, since the whole city of Topeka only has one early voting place :(

  2. benadryl?

  3. Perhaps if you tell them to scream and act crazy the poll workers (or the people in line) will let you cut to the front of the line.

  4. When I first saw the “I tried to Vote” sticker, I thought your post was going to be about my situation – i.e. I voted, but I’m from a state where my vote won’t matter because it’s not a “battleground” state teetering on the edge.

    Sorry to read about your frustration with the crowds.

    I would say buy another DS, but I have first hand experience that won’t necessarily help. We bought a second DS for our long drive across country, and about 45 minutes into our drive I had to pull over the car to break up a fight in the back seat. Why were they fighting if they had TWO DS’s??? Because the 4 year old didn’t want to play the same game as the 7 year old, so the 7 year old got upset and started wailing on the 4 year old with his fists. Nice.

    On a positive note though, the boys did spend a LOT of time playing happily together with the wireless 2-player games. Heck, a lot of time they didn’t even need a game – they had a lot of fun just using the picture-chat drawing pictures and sending them back and forth to each other.

    Anyway, I’m rambling. Best of luck making it to the polls with the kids.

  5. Yeah, we’re not allowed to vote early…and I’ve taken the twins with me each year…and we’ve often had waits…turn out not bad, and our polling place? An assisted living facility…not exactly fast moving.

    In your shoes, I’d be tempted to re-visit the stroller — for nostalgia’s (and containment’s!) sake. 😉

    Maybe wait ’til someone can watch ’em for you…?

  6. Frank Sucks says:

    Do it the Hudson County way, vote early (and vote often!).

  7. I’ll have to take a 3 year old. Too bad we can’t go together and they could entertain each other. I have no DS.

  8. I’m going to try tomorrow afternoon to vote early. I hope the line isn’t that bad. Otherwise I’ll be voting on the 4th. I just hope that since I’m unemployed, I can hit the polling place at the time when all the people who have jobs are out working and not voting.

  9. Wait, I know. Let them drop metal trivets on your feet!

  10. They didn’t let you move to the front of the line? We went yesterday, wait was 3 hours. Because of the cold (in GEORGIA, people, it was 30-something degrees!) They let all elderly, handicapped and those with children move to the front of the line.

  11. Absentee ballot.

    We always used to pinch the kids when we were waiting to clear customs into the UK. They always grabbed us out of line to STOP THE KIDS FROM SCREAMING.

    Pinch them both so you’re not accused of favoritism.

  12. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Try to go at an off time, most definitely NOT over lunch.

    And re: absentee ballot, it’s too late.

  13. Give them Benadryl and a blanket? Have them lay on the blanket and drag it like a sled over the gym floor?


  14. I recommend bringing kazoos, drums, bells, maracas, whistles, battery operated toys with no off switch, something with sirens preferably, and bubble gum. Your kids will make such a racket that the people in line will beg you to jump to the front an applaud as you exit.

  15. Oh yeah…I feel your pain! I say bring lolipops, a camera and a cell phone. My twins can take pictures on my camera for hours. My daughter will play with my cell phone but she usually pranks calls my boss:-( Yes, I say candy!

  16. I saw you as the pull quote in the DC Examiner today!

    I will have all three kids with me to vote on Tuesday, because the schools are closed and I might not make it on time if I wait for Hubby to get home after he votes. Even though MD is pretty much a Dem lock, my parents depend on me getting to the polls to cancel out my husband, just in case.

  17. Get Mark to babysit for free?

  18. Snacks, drinks, halloween candy, markers, paper, books, cars, small puzzles….. you know…. just fill a bag so you can constantly be pulling out new crap. And the person who said camera is brilliant. :)

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