Now What am I Supposed to Eat?

I have eaten every single Milk Dud in the house.

We had far less trick or treaters than we were expecting and we had lots of left over candy.

Now what the hell am I supposed to eat?

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  1. I just had a 100 Grand for lunch.

  2. I have some tasty chocolate “eyeballs” I can send you way! 😉

  3. What does the Goon Squad have hoarded away? Max has forgotten that he even has any candy at all. They must have gotten some milk duds, right?

  4. Dare I say, “vegetables”????

  5. In our house, the hot commodity is anything Reeses.

    And, you’ve got a great point about the tights. But I think you’ll find in a few years that working your son into football pants is just as …. interesting? Definitely requires some creative movements. :)

  6. I have 5 bags of mini-Snickers in my freezer. I am the only one who knows about the stash. I plan on gaining my holiday weight before Thanksgiving.

  7. I have 1 huge bag left of the Duds. How much you got?

  8. I would send you our leftover Milk Duds but I am too busy eating them.

  9. Oh crud, now you made me want a Milk Dud. I finished all the Butterfingers.

  10. Is it too soon for candy canes?

  11. Duh? The peanut butter cups.

  12. i already cleared out all the butterfingers

  13. Popcorn. Popcorn is great with Milk Duds. Wait, you don’t have any Milk Duds left. Never mind.

    How much beer you got?

  14. Were the Milk duds at least fresh? I think I got stale ones and now my teeth hurt.

  15. I put ours up in the pantry to hide it from 3B, which Mama promptly forgot, and so had to ask me where it was. I have the feeling that when I get home, there won’t be anything left except the bag of pretzels we got.

  16. 50% off candy at Giant. I stocked up on Mr. Goodbar, Baby Ruth, Snickers, Almond Joy, and Butterfingers. I’m sure they have Milk Duds, too (though I kind of ODed on the milk duds before halloween).

  17. I love Milk Duds.

  18. The most obvious option is cannibalism. Beyond that, I’m out of ideas.

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