I Did It

10 minutes. In and out.

It isn’t the greatest picture but things were moving pretty fast.

Go vote. It might just be easier than you think.

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  1. YAY!! My voting was painless as well. Glad you didn’t have a line. Now I’m off for my free Starbucks coffee:)

  2. They were giving out bags of goldfish??? Sheesh — here in Alexandria all they had were the “I Voted” stickers…

  3. i didn’t get a sticker. how was i supposed to get my starbucks?

  4. I waited for 30 minutes and was suckered into voting for some kids Aunt for council. She was so damn cute.

  5. Wow! You got a sticker! I wish I had one.

  6. No line here, I went straight in and voted.

  7. I only vote to get the sticker.

  8. It’s on my “to do” list, right after “in and out.”

  9. Less than 5 minutes. It took me longer to walk over there than to vote.

  10. Excellent! i wish we could take pictures. I would have taken a picture of my #0000000001 ballot. 😉

  11. I waited 30 minutes I was #61 in line. I was going to let a 7 people behind go in front of me just well so i could be…you know # …Then I thought I wa just being immature.

  12. Now go get a free donut or Starbucks.

  13. It only took me 20 minutes and I only had to bring one little person thanks to my dad my new sitter. I will be up late to see the results.

  14. Took us barely over an hour, would’ve willingly waited more.

    Krispy Kreme is doing the freebies too…. :)

    God bless America! 😉

  15. One hour and forty-five minutes. And I didn’t get my stinkin’ sticker!

  16. I was expecting horrible lines, but I got to my voting location in Old Town Alexandria, VA at 4:45pm…ABSOLUTELY NO LINE. NONE. I breezed right through and was completely done in less than five minutes.

  17. I voted! I had to wait 45 minutes. I would’ve waited longer if I had to, but I’m glad I didn’t.

  18. I walked right in and voted then ran as fast as I possibly could! There was a gigantic wave of people as we were walking out!

  19. yeah….you suck. had to go to two different freaking counties before anyone would admit i existed. but there wasnt much of a line. and i got pumpkin bread. go narack ofama!

  20. No line!! In and out in five minutes!!! YaY!

  21. YES Thank You, And Thank you to the rest of Virginia! NO MORE SUCK!!!!

  22. They wouldn’t let Bump take a picture of me at the polling place – he was all bitter when he saw yours. “They let Sarah take a picture,” he grumbled.

    He said your name all derisively and shit.

  23. One of my friends posted a picture of him voting. I didn’t think it was allowed?

    But… the older woman checking ids told the young guy behind me that he couldn’t use his phone in there. “It’s ok, I’m just checking my email”. “Oh well, ok then”.

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