The Vampire Strikes Back

“Mom. I want to watch Star Wars.”

“Which one?”

“The Vampire one.”

“There are no vampires in Star Wars.”

“Yes there are. The Vampire Strikes Back.”


One last political thing and then I’m done for a while. Shame on you California. Yes on Proposition 8? Seriously? You actually took the rights away? What is wrong with people?

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  1. lol, that’s hilarious!

    I think Florida banned same-sex marriage too. =( Last I checked that’s they way it was going anyway. I should go check again.

  2. dammit. i cannot BELIEVE that passed.

  3. This is funny, I will have to pass this on to my hubby. He LOVES Star Wars and is totally into vampires. What a great mix!

  4. Hey, not ALL of us voted for it. Read MY blog.

  5. I don’t know if they showed the ads anywhere else but here in California but the Yes On Prop 8 crowd made so many commercials filled with lies and if someone didn’t do the research on it they wouldn’t know any better. This one really annoying commercial kept getting shown several times a day saying that schools were going to be mandated to teach with books such as “King & King” like “what happened in Massachusetts”. Truly a bittersweet day yesterday…

  6. *I* definitely voted NO on prop 8… :(

  7. Shame on us, indeed.

  8. I voted NO on Prop 8 and this morning when I got into the office I found out my boss actually voted Yes .. I asked her why and she replied “I believe it takes MY rights away as a hetrosexual.”

    I reply, “Really?? How so?”

    Blank stare. Blink-blink.

    Good to know there’s some substance in your voting decisions.

  9. That movie should really be made.

    Because there should be vampires in space.

  10. Yeah FL screwed up too on Amendnant 2. But for once! For once! We voted for a democratic president!

    As for Vampires, as long as they are hot, they can be anywhere they want to be.

  11. Frank Sucks says:

    The only thing maybe worse than the unfortunate good day for homophobes was the fact that Alaska may be electing a felon for Senate.

  12. Here, here! Or is it hear, hear! Either way — shame on California. I still can’t believe it.

  13. Shame on us, indeed. You should have seen the ads, saying gay marriage will tear apart traditional marriage (seriously? is your marriage so flimsy that another couple’s marriage will somehow endanger yours?) and the schools will teach our children to be gay, and so on. It was outrageous.

  14. Hilarious! That’s about the only thing that could have made Empire better… vampires!

    I agree about Prop 8. Just when I’m about to renew all my hope in humanity from the presidential election, California pulls this crap and it’s back to square one. God will smite thee California… He hates homophobes.

  15. I voted NO and I’m ashamed of us as a state that it passed.

    The ads really were the worst. Scare tactics. Although, actually, yes, I do think that gay marriage should be taught in school. Isn’t that the point? To learn early on to accept people as they are?

  16. P.S. Those damn gays have been trying to ruin my marriage all this time and haven’t succeeded yet. (gallows humor)

  17. Hysterical!

  18. THAT is so funny!

    I’m so glad you found my blog! I’m just now discovering yours.

  19. Like most movies, “The Empire Strikes Back” probably would have been better if it’d had more vampires. Also lacking in vampires: “Adaptation,” “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” and “Lawrence of Arabia.”

  20. That’s my favorite Star Wars movie too. Much better that that stupid Return of the Jebediah.

  21. After that, you guys can watch Return of the Dread Eye.

  22. Sounds like a porn title.

  23. So there isn’t a movie called The Vampire Strikes back?

    Why does the “title” sound familiar? I swear I’m getting old and senile.

  24. Oh that’s awesome. Awesome!

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