Randomness Part 120

Homeschooling blogs with misspelled words and bad grammar make me very nervous.

Is it just me or does Heroes really blow this season?

Is Chinese Democracy really finally being released tomorrow? Does anyone still care? I’ve decided I’m over it.

Is there a reason nobody has won anything for me on blingo for months now? Is anybody winning anything on any other search engines?

How pathetic is it that I asked Gabe to buy me a new refrigerator for Christmas? I must be getting old.

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  1. I asked for an electric mixer for Christmas, but only after trying to beat egg whites by hand …

  2. Funny, my sister and I just talked about how gifts suck once you get older. I didn’t ask for a fridge, but I did request new spatulas (??) because mine are all melted, new muffin pans, a new axe (because the one I have weighs more than I do) and a new toaster. Also, I requested a pony.

  3. It’s being released in two weeks. And I still care. And I think I’m alone on this boat.

  4. My Christmas list consists of an iron, a washer, a dryer, and a vacuum.

  5. i totally stopped watching Heroes this season. they promised it was going to be season 1 quality and it’s totally not. it’s total crap. see ya, heroes.

  6. Heroes does blow this season. I can’t even watch it.

  7. 1) Homeskooling is for loosers

    2) Heros blows; True Blood “sucks”, but in a great way.

    3) Don’t care; never did, never will.

    4) What is this “blingo” you speak of?

    5) When practicality replaces wanton (or even Wonton) desire, you are old.

  8. I asked for XM Radio and glasses from Crate and Barrel. Can you get more old than glasses? Oh wait.. my MOm asked for slippers. That’s pretty bad.

  9. I havn’t even watched Heroes this season, it just stinks. What happened, it just got worse and worse. So sad.

  10. I would SO love a new fridge for Christmas. Then I could stop cleaning up the leakage from the freezer 5 times a day.

    Or, since the budget is tight, I’d be willing to settle for a ball Dyson.

    Yes, I’m officially lame.

  11. Our fridge won’t close and my fave feature, the water dispenser, often gets stuck on. The dishwasher doesn’t REALLY clean the plates. The oven is making a wheezy rattling sound.

    It’s bad when the BOYS are asking for a new dishwasher.

    A November tornado centered directly on the kitchen might be a blessing!

  12. I asked for (and received) an oven for my birthday a few years ago. Of course, it was partly because my old oven had it’s coil broken and I didn’t want to attempt to use it.

    I turned 25 that year (if I recall correctly).

  13. I like Heroes this season. It has inherited the lameness of the second season though, so it makes it feel like it’s worse than the first season by a lot. I think it’s only worse than the first season by a modest amount :}

  14. A refrigerator? Really???

  15. Seriously? So if I said I was “gonna” start homeschooling my son and blog about it, you’d be like, totally “nervice”?

    Haha. I’m such an ass. I just had to do it.

    I feel your pain. I do. 😉

  16. I must be getting old too. I told Nick I’d be happy with a refrigerator as a combined gift for Christmas, our anniversary AND my birthday. Man, it’s sad how badly I want a new fridge.

  17. That show sucks and blows. As an aside, I have requested for my Christmas an appliance which performs these functions.

  18. Heroes does blow this season. I realized this when I tried to sit through the season premiere and kept laughing every 5mins. I made Tom watch the rest on his own while I played on the computer. I think after Ep. 2 he finally agreed with me and we aren’t recording it anymore.

    The first single off Chinese Democracy was pretty awful, so I totally don’t care about the rest of the album. Nothing that takes 15yrs to make is ever worth it.

  19. It’s just you. Heroes has been getting really good lately.

  20. You asking for a fridge just lays the groundwork for your kids’ exciting Xmas haul of socks and underwear. Good times for everyone! This’ll be a holiday to remember…

  21. Chinese Democracy is out on the 23rd. There’s a review on rollingstone.com that’s actually pretty darn favorable.

  22. I am so behind on Heroes this season. With the way everyone has been talking about it, I am kind of glad.

  23. I’m getting a dishwasher for Christmas.

  24. Not a sign of age. BUT. When I do things like that, I suspect, it’s because I’m too guilty to ask for something that’s just for me. OH and Heroes is definitely NOT its old self despite the addition of the wonderful Robert Forster as papa Arthur “it muist be done” Petrelli. Which is too bad because he’s really good – see Jackie Brown for evidence.

  25. Tried. Can’t watch Heroes this season.

    I’ll throw in for Axl. I owe him that much.

    I stopped using Blingo when I realized their search results show a fraction of Google’s.

  26. I asked for a gift certificate for a facial last Christmas. I decided I wanted something other than socks or an appliance. I got a fishing pole. Hubby said it was something we could do together. I don’t fish! I think I am going to buy him a facial gift certificate and a copy of Twilight for Christmas this year. We can get a facial together while we discuss how much we love the book.

  27. We were thinking of getting a dishwasher since ours sucks. Its sad when Christmas gifts go from jewelry/gadgets to appliances!

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