I Don’t Know Why I Even Bother With Contests

Hey. Remember my last traffic contest?

Me neither, until just now.

I think I was supposed to announce a winner back in September. That clearly didn’t go as planned, but I remembered today.

I remembered after getting 26 unique hits for “vagina picture”.

You see, last year Ali won the contest (the gist was to come up with a term that generated the most traffic) with “Homer Simpson vagina tattoo”.

And this year – Ali won again when she suggested “Ash and Dawn from Pokemon naked.”
Ash and Dawn   Pokemon Style by End I Dont Know Why I Even Bother With Contests

Apparently this woman is tapped in to internet perverts everywhere. That is Dawn and Ash over there. People really want to see them naked?

Congratulations Ali Martel from Cheaper Than Therapy!

She has won a $25 gift certificate to Build-Bear Workshop.

And I suck at contests.*

* Not that this will stop me from having more contests. In fact, there is a good chance I will be giving away something super cool soon. Stay tuned.

pixel I Dont Know Why I Even Bother With Contests

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  1. HeyJoe says:

    Am I to understand that wanting to see naked Japanese anamie is wrong?

    One word: Trixie.

  2. DC Urban Dad says:

    We have a sick world.

    BTW, looking for photos of balls for a contest on DC Urban Dad. Do you have any balls?

  3. ktjrdn says:

    hey, just thought you might like to know. I think something’s hacked your feed. Your link to Build-A-Bear had some rent a car spam link tacked on to the end of it in my google reader.

  4. VegasDad says:

    Congrats Ali. Lucky for her there are some strange pervs out there.

  5. Kristabella says:

    Um, she was my BlogHer roomie, so I can attest she is totally plugged in to the internet pervs. :)

  6. ali says:

    oh. yes. total internet perv expert. awesome.

  7. Kara says:

    Wow- and here i was convinced that world wanted to see the Jonas Brothers naked.

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