Four Year Old Commando

It was almost bedtime and Claudia and I were in her bedroom picking out pajamas.

Mom, I’ve got something I need to tell you.

I know she is only four, but something about the way she said it – or maybe it was the look on her face – let me know that she had done something I wasn’t going to like. I got nervous.  My mind started racing, what did she do at school? Did she push Katie again? Did she break something?

Okay. I said. What do you need to tell me?


*she rips off her pants*

I accidentally forgot to wear underwear today!

I started cracking up.

First off, that was not nearly as bad as I was expecting. Second of all, how does one accidentally forget to wear underpants? Third of all, she was standing in front of me, naked from the waist down with a huge grin on her face. I think she had been keeping this secret all day long.

I know that some day Mom, I’ve got something I need to tell you. is going to be something horrible. For now I can deal with going commando as her display of independence.

I just hope her teacher didn’t notice.

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  1. what a rebel!

  2. that is cute, my 4 year old goes commando very often…..she also happens to shove toilet paper in her pants b/c she feels the wetness from her pee for far longer than is normal. i am sure it will be quite a treat when a teacher calls to tell me all this

  3. Could this be a portent for the teen years?

  4. LOL!! Juleigha has done that before as well.

  5. LOL! She sounds just like my 4-year-old! One night she slept in her swimsuit bottoms and broke the news to me exactly like your daughter. (And yes, I am a bad mom for not knowing she still had her swimsuit on!)

  6. Could this be a “like mother, like daughter” emulation, or is that too personal a question? 😉

  7. Let’s hope the paparazzi didn’t get a picture of her getting out of the car.

  8. Eight prized words: At least she didn’t do it in church. :)

    (Substitute whatever word is more appropriate than “church” if you desire…)

  9. It’s probably already in her permanent record.

  10. Is she Paris’ bff?

  11. Sarah, I’ve got something to tell you. No wait, I’ll show you!

  12. LOL…My luck the day I would go commando I’d get in a car wreck and then the world would know I didn’t have underpants on. lol

  13. That’s too funny!

  14. That was my MO as a toddler. My mother was called in to my preschool once after i climbed the monkey bars in a dress.

  15. Ha, funny. I’d never heard the phrase “going commando” in that context before. My husband calls it “going smokeless.” :-)

  16. I’ve gotten afraid when my (5 yo) daughter has to tell me a “secret.” Today it was that a boy at her school likes to kiss her and sometimes even slobbers on her. Fortunately she didn’t like that! We had a discussion about the importance of telling people to stop touching her.

  17. Hahaha! Stop that habit now! :)

    I could never forget to put on underwear.

  18. You laughed. Dude. You’re in trouble.

  19. That’s funny! I remember forgetting to wear underwear to school one day in early Elementary School. I remember being mortified and confessing to my mom when I got home. :) It happens to the best of us! 😉

  20. This made me giggle.

    When I was in first grade, I once showed my PE teacher my underwear. They were the days of the week undies and quite special in my opinion.

  21. Oh, yeah, at 4 coming home with no underwear, not an issue. At 14? Oooooh, let’s hope not.

    I love this.

  22. Ha. Ha. That makes me feel so normal! My 4 year old refuses to wear underwear most of the time. He used to say that he “forgot”, but let’s face it…. it happend WAY to often for him to be that forgetful. He just likes to be free. I used to make him, but it was such a battle every day, that I finally figured, “Oh well…. ” and let it go. When he’s a teenager, I’ll hope that he wears undies, but I can say with 100% certainty that I won’t be checking……

  23. I “forgot” myself not long ago. I was trying to decide which skirt matched best… and as I was walking out the door realised I never put underwear on.

  24. Mine got ready for bed the other night and sounded shocked to find that she had 2 pair of underwear on. She dressed herself that morning and apparently forgot to get undressed first.

    the thing that made me laugh though was the shock. Hadn’t she noticed at some opint during the day?

  25. That is to funny it actually could be so much worse.

  26. Cannot go into further detail, but I give C much credit for having told you herself.

  27. I love this, and also that my conversations with my mother often aren’t that different and I’m 37. 😉

  28. *snigger*

    I have a workmate who routinely got calls from her daughters school to say that she arrived sans underwear. There were 2 problems with that, firstly they wear school uniform and it is a DRESS and secondly she lives 30 minutes out of town. She would have to do a quick run to Kmart to buy some. Then she would put spares in her daughters bag. Her daughter would take them out. Eventually the school had a secret stash in case of ’emergency’. On her last day of primary school (um, aged 12 dunno what that is in the US) they gave her the underwear in a nice wrapped package!

  29. ROFL. Very very cute.

  30. This happens in our house all the time. Only in my boys’ case, it is almost never truly accidental, as much as they try to convince me otherwise.

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