Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins 11/16/08

I don’t know what you did last night, but I went to the Redskins game with my buddy De in DC.

With Delora at Redskins/Cowboys Game

It was cold and the Redskins lost but we had a great time.

Cowboys 14, Redskins 10

I would tell you more but I am prohibited in doing so without the express written consent of the NFL.

And also I plan on writing about it for BlogHer on Friday.


Oh, and one quick word of advice. If you are going to a Sunday night football game that features a decades long divisional rivalry try to remember to charge your camera battery before you leave the house.

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  1. This particular game for our family was right up there with Christmas, Easter and family birthdays.

    Dad for the Redskins, brother for the Cowboys. Guess I know who’s happy this morning! 😉

    Darling picture of you two, BTW. :)

  2. Go Eagles. (I know they are last place in the dvision…but well I just can’t stand dallas or Washington or the Giants.)

  3. Brrrr!

    I have to admit, right now I am jealous of your hats. Because I’m fixin’ to leave work here in a few and left my hat at home. And they are expecting and inch of snow!

    Looks like you had fun!

  4. Last night was not a good night at my house.

    I swear…if I ever do end up divorced it will happen during football season, and blame will be laid completely at the doorstep of the Redskins. Completely.

  5. And apparently I’m not on your blogroll.

    Is that a hint? :)

  6. Kind of jealous.
    Kind of not jealous – looks cold.

    You know how much I “LOVE” the cold!

  7. My camera battery always dies at the worst possible time!

    PS- Very jealous!

  8. The SKINS HAD THIS GAME!!!!!!!
    At least you all got to go and have fun :)
    Self- disclosure time: I AM AN ALMOST CRAZY, ANNOYING, I YELL AT THE TV- REDSKINS FAN (my husband and I are both dc-natives).

    Hope you all had lots of fun and imbibed so you weren’t so cold :)

  9. You hot MOMMAS look COLD!!

  10. I was thinking of you, but was happy the Cowboys won, as I live with a huge fan who can make my life hell when his team loses.

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