I am Cold Just Looking At Her

It is snowing outside and the girl came home and changed into her “disco outfit”.

A flowered sun dress.


(Sorry, that is what you get when Twitter is broken.)

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  1. Perhaps the disco inferno will help her warm up?

  2. Maybe she’s part Eskimo? Alaska did just have a rare balmy day in the 20’s.

  3. Bear is nicked named “___ of the Yukon” because he will run around in shorts in the middle of winter, in Michigan, with 4 feet of snow. Perhaps we can start calling her “The Pink One of the Yukon”? Or, maybe she can join the Polar Bear club….

  4. How did I miss all of this alleged snow? AFAIK, it’s been sunny all day at my office.

  5. What??? No pictures??

  6. *sigh*

    You taught her about disco. Disco??

    What happened to leggings, leg warmers and Flashdance? :)

  7. Seriously, mate, where’s the darn picture? And, more importantly, is she commando?

  8. What is it with kids and wearing little to no clothes? Last night Dawson decided to forgo pajamas and ran around in his pull-up instead. It makes me shiver just thinking about it. Too cold for that stuff.

  9. This is when I am so happy I live in California where “cold” means we’re in the 50s.

    Snow? What is this snow you speak of?

  10. I tend to post my twittered thoughts whenever twitter is broken.

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