Add This to the Growing List of Things I Never Thought I Would Have to Say

I just yelled (with absolutely no sarcasm whatsoever) “IAN! STOP DOING THINGS THAT MAKE YOU FALL DOWN!”

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  1. It’s good advice. Really. Think about it.

  2. Replace “Ian” with “Ed” and you get something I say all the freaking time.

  3. What makes that funnier is its something I’ve heard myself say …. just a bit more than occasionally… to my HUSBAND. :)

  4. Are you sure you’re not talking to me? That does sound strikingly familiar!

  5. That is HYSTERICAL because I said almost the exact same thing this morning to my daughter. My version went something like, “Quit doing things that make you trip. I’m sick of it.”

  6. Something I should probably tell myself “Stop walking into things, especially if they have sharp corners.”

    I’m going to have extremely crazy things to say when I have kids, huh?

  7. And, pray tell, what exactly is that boy drinking?

  8. Also on the list: “I’m going to miss Earnest Graham.”

  9. Wow, I can see that evolving in time. Ian please stop doing things that get mommy and daddy in trouble with the law.

  10. Niiice.

  11. off-topic, but I Love the ‘toddzilla’ with the laser eyes in the header! Just sayin’.

  12. I had no idea you don’t like anyone doing things that make them fall down.

    This doesn’t leave me with many options, I’m afraid.

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