I Know What I am Getting Gabe for Christmas

Gabe was wondering if they sold this in grown up sizes?

Barbie Hot Tub Party Bus.


Seriously? Two ladies, one guy. I wish I could make this picture even bigger because I don’t know if you can see that Ken even has a drink in his hand. That man doll has it made.

The hot tub party bus would be perfect for tailgate parties. The description says it features a fold out hot tub, flashing lights, songs and lots of fun accessories.


This party bus had everything.

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  1. For real, if they made one for adults, and you got one, I’d demand a road trip. :)

  2. Two ladies, one guy, and all three are looking for a hot doll dude.

  3. Does it come stocked w/ a full bar? Because Ken could be drinking Diet Coke from that cup. If it’s a dry bus, well, that would be disappointing.

  4. You just have to be real careful about taking sharp corners when that thing is full.

  5. Heh. If you find one in a grown up size, let me know. But you can have the two girls. I’ll take mine with Clive Owen and Daniel Craig, thank you.

  6. He may have a drink, but I’m guessing he doesn’t have any equipment. Snort.

  7. It would be a great time until they all stripped down to get in the hot tub and then just stood their gawking at each others smooth plastic, troweled naughty bits.

  8. time to parteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  9. I’d take the hot tub part and leave the bus part. Because what better way to relax than with a hot tub?

    Of course, right now, it’s too cold in OK for an outdoor hot tub (at least, I wouldn’t want to walk outside in little more than a swimming suit right now).

  10. Just be sure you get the optional S&M accessory kit, with strap ons.

  11. I’d be really interested in finding out what the ‘fun accessories’ are.

  12. I want one! Life-sized, though.

    And hopefully they throw in a Ken too!

  13. That’s my house every weekend.

  14. Only a blonde and a brunette? I think my husband would prefer a version that included a redhead.

  15. My husband would definitely be jealous. Heck, he was jealous when he went downstairs and GI Joe was in the jeep with lots of naked Barbies.

  16. Well who DOESN’T want a party bus? I mean, sure, the extra person of the opposite sex is nice and all, but IT’S A PARTY BUS.

    Two more words for ya: anatomically correct.

  17. You know who would really be jealous if Gabe had a hot tub party bus? Your dad.

  18. Isn’t this the rig that you drove to BlogHer?

  19. Ooohh… i want a hot tub party bus.

  20. LOL!! We HAVE that! Not the adult version, unfortunately. The hot tub rocks. Especially when I discovered my 4-year-old had put a naked Barbie in it and I had to explain the difference between a hot tub and a bath tub. TO A 4-YEAR-OLD. What a dumb toy.

  21. oooohhh, that barbie is such a skank, and I always knew Ken was your typical frat boy drunk. How do I score an invite to that party?

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