On 36

I am going to be 36 years old in December. It doesn’t really bother me too much. I feel like I am in a very good place for my age. I have two children, a wonderful husband, a nice house, several jobs that I enjoy and good friends. Things are going well for me.

Here is the thing that freaks me out. My friends that I met in college, I have now known them for half of my life.

Children that were born when I was a senior in high school are now seniors in high school.

Process that.

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  1. Oh mah gawd I’d NEVER have guessed you over 30, even. Mwah.

  2. Hmmm. When I was 36 years old, you were being born. So there!

  3. The one that gets me now is that when I’m buying hootch, the “You Must Have Been Born in 1987 in order to purchase alcohol” stickers…that is the year I graduated from COLLEGE. Kids born THEN are 21! That freaks me out. Like you, I’m a December birthday…but I’ll be 44…and truly, it DOES keep getting better and better. (‘Cept for an aching back every now and then… 😉 ) Truly, I think when I was younger I imagined how “terrible” it must be to be “old,” and now that I AM “old” it feels MUCH better than when I was “young!” 😉

    Happy almost birthday!

  4. I’m just a couple years younger than you and I’m finding myself thinking about these things, too!

    There are some moms in my Moms’ Club that are *younger* than the kids I used to babysit.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


    Happy Early Birthday! :)

  5. Oh holy doodle. I turned 36 in October and I had never done the math regarding seniors in high school. That is a FRIGHTENING thought. I do believe I am unable to process that. Commencing mental meltdown…

  6. I hear you, I will be 34 in January and married for 10 years in May…the music I listen to is on the oldies stations now. And teenagers are into “retro” things, like yesterday I saw a girl walking home from school with a Misfits bag. Gotta love Hot Topic!

  7. Seeing as I turned 36 last month, I’m going to stick my head in the sand and forget that I ever read this post.

  8. What kills me is that I can remember vividly my life when I was the same age as my oldest son, the sophomore in high school.

    At my last birthday, the big joke between my kids was laughing about how mom was “halfway to 70”. Ugh.

  9. I’ll be 36 in January, so yeah, you’re really old. That extra month validates my bias.

    Since I’m currently in graduate school, I have the opportunity to see those little whippersnappers of which you speak regularly. Sometimes I stop them and say, ‘You make me sick. STAY OFF MY LAWN!’ Because they’re young and carefree and stupid in ways that I certainly never was, gracious me, no.

    It’s all very strange.

  10. Yup. I’ll be 36 in Feb. Scary when I see kids I used to babysit for AS INFANTS now on Facebook. Gah!

  11. Just wait until 40. And you have one graduation from High School. And going to college.

    Killing me.

  12. I can so totally relate. I just turned 36 in September. It’s very disturbing to sit down with new sailors who report aboard your ship and find out they were born when you were in high school.

    More and more, I find things that “date” me. For example, whenever I make a Johnny Carson quote, all the kids at work look at me quizically because they have NO CLUE what I’m talking about and they don’t find it funny whatsoever.

  13. I’d rather not process that, thank you. I turned 43 this past July.

    What are you gonna do? It beats the alternative.

  14. I was just filling this guy’s life insurance application out when they asked when he quit smoking. My info said 15years ago. Ok so 2008 minus 15= 1993
    What? I’ve been out of high school for 15 years. How come no one told me?

  15. Dude. I’m already 37.

  16. You’re an AWESOME 36 and that’s all that matters!

    (P.S. I thought you were in your early 30s, so you’re looking extra good for your not-old age!) :)

  17. I did the 36th bday last week…and I did the same math! I called my college roommate and asked her how it was possible we’ve known each other half our lives?!?

    Yet, that doesn’t bother me AS much as having children attending my school whose PARENTS I taught. What???

  18. Um. MY kid is a senior in High School.

    I think you’re an awesome 35 nearly 36.

  19. So if kids born the year you graduated HS are now graduating HS, that means several kids born to those I went to HS with are graduating, too. (Small town school, lots of teen pregnancy.)

    I guess we’re now the ones that HS kids roll their eyes at, right?

  20. Me, too! 12-19. We can’t REALLY be almost 36, can we?! *sigh*

  21. blows your mind doesnt it?

  22. Holy crap, you’re old?

  23. I dread the moment when I’ll be where you are! :)

  24. I am actually looking forward to April when I will know the answer to life, the universe and everything.

  25. I’ve got a year on you. If you think that having friends with kids who are leaving for college is scary, just think that you kids have probably never known music on a cassette tape, life without the internet and driving in cars without seatbelts. Crazy, eh?

  26. I don’t really ever feel old, but when I think about things like that (like I’ve known my college friends for 13 years) then I feel old. Thirteen years is a LONG time.

  27. But friends you just met this year (ahem) will be 38 in December, so technically in terms of that relationship life span I’m two years old and you’re an infant! Yeah! It’s all in the perspective…;) What day????

    And it’s now official, whereas it was merely anecdotal evidence before: a critical mass of cool women I know were born in December. It’s really amazing.

  28. You should try teaching university students – when I’m in class with them (I teach postgrads), I feel “on a par” with them, like them in age, bla, bla, bla. Then, come exam time, I have to check their ID – and see that some of them were BORN in 1986, which is the year I turned 17.
    And I almost cried when I discovered (though it was hardly a scoop) that the delicious Zac Efron could, just about, technically be young enough to be my son.
    Wow. Now I feel really OLD (and I’ll be 40 in May, God help me).

  29. Hey, I’m going to be 36 this month too. When’s your birthday?

  30. I absolutely cannot process this. I always think you are younger than me and I’m the old lady. Kidding.

  31. I would tell you what 36 rhymes with, but this is a family website…

  32. Come January I’ll have been married 36 years, of course I’ve been divorced for just over 30 of those and in February will be 28 years into a better one.

  33. Me too! But it really bothers me. I thought 35 sounded cool. 36 sounds like….like old, like almost 40! Eeeek! When is your bday? Mine is Dec. 21.

  34. I am 36, and although I was ok with 35, I was pissed about 36. I mean, really, it is on the downhill slide toward 40. In March I will be THIRTY-SEVEN. That almost sounds older than 40. Sigh.

  35. I just had a similar realization that now that I’m 33 I have been driving for longer than I haven’t been. I guess the big one will come in about 8-10 years when I’ve been married as long I haven’t.

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