When My Sense of Humor Overrides My Mothering Skills

Claudia: Mommy, do you want to see what is under my pajamas?

Me: Are you hitting on me?

Claudia: *blank stare*


In case you were wondering it was Tinkerbell underwear.

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  1. Sounds exactly like something that would pop out of my mouth and that I would then have to spend the entire morning convincing my kids they didn’t hear what they THOUGHT they heard…

  2. *snort* Sometimes great setups just need to have great lines delivered.

  3. My wife and I have corrupted our son on numerous occasions by doing a “That’s what she said!” and giggling when he says something that our perverted minds can interpret creatively.

    And then the kid often gets confused: “That’s what who said? I said that!”

  4. Sounds like something I’d say too!

  5. So yesterday, my 7-year old nephew helped out with a chore. My mom was on the phone with her boyfriend wondering how to pay my nephew…

    My Mom: What would be a good reward for doing a chore?

    Mom’s Boyfriend: How old is he?

    My Mom: Seven

    Mom’s BF: Show him your boobs

  6. Yep. That would be me too. My kids are gonna need therapy and I’m okay with that. :)

  7. I’m filing that away for when I can use it. I’ll give you full credit though when I get called out on it by my husband.

  8. I read ‘When My Sense of Humor Overrides My SMothering Skills’
    instead of ‘When My Sense of Humor Overrides My Mothering Skills’

    When is my brain today???

  9. I’m considering trying that as a pick-up line, exactly as written.

  10. And that is why I love you.

    Cause you are so much like me.

  11. hahahaha….iced coffee just came out my nose!

  12. that’s wicked awesome.

  13. Remind me to go pee before I read your blog next time. Still laughing. I love you, Sarah. Seriously, no one makes me laugh the way you do.

    Yes, I’m hitting on you. 😉

  14. TB would probably say… yes I am hitting you… and punch me right after that!

  15. That was hilarious. Thank you for that.

  16. You made me giggle!!!

  17. LOL.. Did you ever see what was under her pjs?

  18. Okay, THAT? Hilarious.

  19. Like you never got that before and totally fell for it and then ended up married with kids and blogging about random stuff and…

    Oh. No?

    Yeah, me neither.

    OBTW, I am really not happy with you for having too much family cheer and NOT showing up last weekend. I was so looking forward to finally getting to meet you and you just let me all shades of down. *sigh*

  20. I do this too, and my hubs always warns me that I can not get mad when we end up getting copious notes from teachers and other school administrators about the sense of humor my children bring to class. I just gwaff at him and say, I don’t want my kids to peak in public school anyway, bring on the bad!

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