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Questions for You: 2008 Edition

I briefly considered asking you 2008 questions but since that is completely insane I will limit myself to eight. You shouldn’t feel pressured to answer all of these but please try to answer at least one of them. ___ 1) What was the best movie you saw in 2008? 2) What was the worst movie […]

I am Fairly Certain We Aren’t Talking About the Same Thing

Ian: Mom? Who takes over the world? Me: What do you mean? Ian: I mean who takes over the world? Me: I don’t know. The meek?

While Stuck in the Cell Phone Waiting Area at DCA

I was just wondering. If you are pregnant with twins is it legal to drive in the HOV-3 lanes?

Likely Excuse

This morning Claudia told me that she couldn’t handle Ian because her adenoids hurt too much. *** I’ve been trying all morning and I’m pretty sure I can’t feel my adenoids at all.

You Will Pay in the End

When you buy cheap toilet paper you aren’t really getting a bargain. You will pay for it in the end. ***

This is You Mommy

Do you think you look fat? If you do it is because you are pregnant with me and Claudia. That was a close one. Is it just me or does my hair look different too?

Randomness Part 123

I read too many blogs. I know this because I realized that the whole time I was reading the Twilight series whenever I read about Alice I was actually picturing Angela from Fluid Pudding. Am I the only person who doesn’t send out Holiday Cards? I am starting to feel like a total tool, but […]

I Wonder if Cinderella went to a Vocational School for That?

Claudia sometimes travels with a pack of imaginary princesses. This week they have a rock and roll band. Claudia used to play drums for this band but she has switched to the piano. (I don’t, maybe they are releasing an album of power ballads.) Tinkerbell sings and Cinderella – she handles the lights. ___ (…and […]

22 Minutes

22 minutes. That is how long it took from the time we walked in the front door today until BOTH children opened the gifts they made for their parents for Christmas at school. The each unwrapped the present that they themselves had gift wrapped not three hours earlier. Then they lied to me – Oh […]

I Say It’s My Birthday

Hey remember how I went to Chuck E. Cheese’s for my anniversary dinner? Guess what I get to do for my birthday? I get to co-op in Claudia’s preschool class! Aren’t I the luckiest girl in the whole wide world? (Remind sometime me to tell you the story of how I baked cookies for her […]

One Disadvantage of Working From Home

When I worked in an office never once did I have to get up from my desk to wipe someones butt. Not once.

Perhaps I Let Him Watch Too Much Television

The kids and I were driving to the grocery store the other day. Because seriously, that is pretty much all we do, but that really isn’t part of this story. As we were passing the bus stop we saw one of the teachers from their preschool. “Hey look guys!” I said “It is Mr. R.” […]