Ian Just Farted

Ian Just Farted

Originally uploaded by Sarah606

…and that is why Mike and Zoe are laughing so hard.

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  1. hysterical. we used to step on my brother’s stomach when we were kids and without fail he would always fart.

  2. hehehehehh nice pic!

  3. Oh, so this is the site I should come to when I want someone to pull my finger.

    Seriously…pull my finger.


  4. Damn… right in the line of fire, and still laughing. Big points to Zoe.

  5. Awesome shot! Now if Zoe is the cute girl in the blue dress, and if Ian is the mid-air boy that just farted… did he just so fart in her face?! Eww!

    Which reminds me… I should post about farting in the scrapbook store the other day…

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