I Didn’t Even Say it Out Loud

I almost wrote a post yesterday about how I had nothing to write about. I chose not to for three reasons 1) That kind of post is mind numbingly boring, 2) I found a picture of my son farting on my brother and thought that you guys might find it as amusing as I did and 3) saying you have nothing interesting to talk about is bad, bad karma and the best was to assure some sort of bullshit to mess up your life.

I didn’t even have to say it out loud.

I completely admit, much worse things could have happened to me but these things were still a huge pain in my ass.

First – My kids go to a cooperative preschool. In our case the main thing this means for us is that there is a parent in the classroom everyday and it is slightly less expensive than a non-cooperative school. Well, on Thursday I was supposed to be the parent in Ian’s class and I totally blanked on it. In fact, I had no clue that I was supposed to be there that day until I was already 15 minutes late. It wasn’t tragic, but it messed up Ian’s day and I felt like an idiot.

Second – As I was sitting at the computer at school furiously trying to make my MamaPop deadline the dad that was co-opping in Claudia’s class that day came into the office. “Do you have a Honda Odyssey”.


“You’ve got a flat tire.”


Fortunately, he was nice enough to bring us home. (Because I was too stupid to realize that in a Odyssey the spare tire is between the two seats in the middle row – of course.) And Gabe changed our tire later and then we had to go back to the school to pick the car up.

See? Nothing life changing, but a pretty crappy day overall.

Lesson learned? Don’t mess with the blogging Gods. And thank those same Gods I didn’t say anything out loud.


[photo credit: Karma is a Bitch by Rob Hans]

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  1. other things not to think, my kids haven’t been sick in a while and I haven’t gotten a speeding ticket in a while. Bad things follow those thoughts.

  2. Ugh. Why does everything always happen on the same day?

  3. Now I don’t feel bad for not writing the very same post. Luckily I didn’t even think it.

  4. I still would have gone with the Ian farting photo.

  5. Oh pooh, now I can’t even THINK about how I have nothing interesting to say! Dang it!

    The same rule applies to ants in the pantry and how it has been so long since you have seen . . . oh crap, forget I said that!

  6. ouch!

    ah…. tomorrow is the last day of the Drinks are on ME competition!!
    Go on… leave your comment!!!

  7. But, you just wrote it. So now you’re totally screwed.

  8. sorry you had that day- ugh.
    I actually am sitting here watching the Redskins game (drinking wine with my husband) and thought of you- my sports-expert-mom-blogger friend:

    I love John Madden, but why does he state the obvious –
    OVER AND OVER AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!

    How can the Redskins have so much promise and be really bad right now- I’M FRUSTRATED (remember the yelling at the tv admission)

    I’m thinking right now that I’m going to email you about doing a fun Q&A on the rest of the football season… on my blog :)

    I hope they come back!

  9. What a STUPID place for a spare tire! Sorry, I just think that makes getting the spare out on the freeway or something that much harder. I usually end up having to empty my trunk on the side of the road but having to move the seats too is just plain nuts!

    Here is hoping for a better day!

  10. Isn’t that the truth! The minute you think things are boring and there is nothing to blog about, life slaps you in the face.

  11. Thought you’d appreciate this. http://www.dirtandnoise.com/2008/12/spelling-lessons.html

    BTW, I met Mammaloves over Thanksgiving in DC. Missed meeting you!

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