Is She Threatening Me?

A direct quote from Claudia:

“I am going to the bathroom and I am going to go poop and I am not calling you in to help me wipe because I am going to wipe all by myself and it is going to be a lot of poop. More poop than you ever had in your life. Hmph.”

Burn me.

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  1. WOW..she told you for sure.. I hope you feel really bad due to her independance and verification that you are feeding her well!

  2. Lots and lots of poop?

    I’m afraid to say: if that’s not the sign of a future politician — I don’t know what is.

  3. Too funny! I recently got a reverse one from our long-time self-wiper, “Mom, I KNOW this is going to be diarrhea, so be ready. I’ll probably need your help.”

    Eesh. Shall we introduce our toilet talking twosomes? 😉

  4. Not to get all scary on you, but buckle up for the teen years! 😉

  5. Funny. You must have been crushed that she wouldn’t let you help with THAT.

  6. I would gladly accept the veiled threats in exchange for wiping independence.

  7. As the kids would say, you got served.

  8. I wouldn’t mess with her!

  9. Oy. Warn me first before you post something that funny.

    It’s hard to get up off the floor when you’re this congested.

  10. I’d be careful. She didn’t say what she was going to wipe with!

  11. Wow. You should try hard to never forget that. That is something you can tease her about for her whole life.

  12. So isn’t the answer to that, “You do that!”

    I mean I don’t know about you, but I’m not about to get all excited about winning the “most poop ever” contest.

  13. I take it she’s still upset with you? I’m sure you were SO upset with not being able to help with that. Ew.

  14. Bwahahahahah!

    I so needed this.

  15. Are you shitting me?

  16. Oh my.

  17. she takes after Gabe (poop volume wise)

  18. nice . . .

  19. Atleast she warned you that it was going to be a lot. It could have been worse…

  20. Sounds like she’s a champion pooper, putting all of us to shame.

  21. At least she is honest.

    Sorry bout the loss :)

  22. love it! Claudia and Gabriel would be quite a pair together! She reminds me of him so much!

  23. Sadly, I’m jealous. It sounds like a threat, but at least the poo is going where it’s supposed to.

  24. That is so funny!!!

  25. I’m glad you didn’t feel it necessary to challenge her on the whole “More poop than you ever had in your life” thing.

  26. Wow. If Ada said that I think I would cry tears of joy.

  27. If she wants to wiped herself I would stand outside the door doing the happy dance!

  28. did you check every corner of the bathroom after that??? :)
    behind the door maybe?

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