You Want to Know What is Cold?

Morgantown, West Virginia. Milan Puskar Stadium. At night. In December. That is what is cold.

That is pretty much the only decent picture I took at the game. I know, I went all the was to West Virginia to watch a football game and I only took four pictures. I forced Gabe to take one of me but my eyes aren’t even open in it. Maybe my camera was frozen.

It is a good thing Gabe went out and bought us these the day before.

No. We’re not going to rob you. It just looks like it. Neck gaiters are awesome. I’d never even heard of them until I went to the Washington/Dallas game a couple of weeks ago.

I can tell you this right now, this accessorizing would not have been necessary had this game been played in Tampa.

The officiating may also have been a little more just.


Hey, I just realized why Gabe keeps calling me short.

ps – Now go look at this picture. Crazy, huh?

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  1. You don’t look like you’re going to rob me, you look like you’re going to murder me!

  2. So for Halloween next year you’re going as an Amazon ninja?

  3. Oh mah holy hell, you were at a West-by-Gawd-Virginia game? I hope (HOPE) you were cheering for the visitors. I can’t stand the Mountain(qu)eers.

    Um, even though my step-daughter is a flag twirler for WVU.

    I did see some of it on television. It looked COLD.

  4. Oh, honey. You don’t know cold. Come on-a my place, and I’ll show you cold.

    Now I gotta go look for those gaiter thingies.

  5. Amazing! I can still tell it’s you. Don’t rob anyone you know.

    You need a ninja sword to go along with that “gaitor”

  6. The first picture actually scared me !! And yes, both of you are recognizable, sorry!

  7. NINJA!

    You are Ninja!

    Now I really really love you.

  8. Sweet! You guys are Ninjas! I know, everyone else has already said it. But I am so jealous and I want one really bad now so I can be a ninja too!

  9. I want one of those. Not because I’m going to football games or anything, but it can get pretty darn cold around here sometimes.

  10. So how was the BlogMidget convention this year?

  11. What would Gabe call those lovely ladies? Ants?

  12. That’s just wrong, soooo wrong. It was in the 80’s here today.

  13. So funny, a friend of mine was at this game and just posted pics. They looked pretty much just like you guys did!

  14. I was TOTALLY thinking that about the height difference, after meeting you and knowing we are the same height. How damn tall is he anyway????????

  15. FINISH HIM!!!

    (if you know this reference you played way too many arcade games in the 90’s)

    p.s. I played way too many arcade games in the 90’s

  16. Dude, Gabe must be a giant because you are NOT short!

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