22 Minutes

22 minutes.

That is how long it took from the time we walked in the front door today until BOTH children opened the gifts they made for their parents for Christmas at school.

The each unwrapped the present that they themselves had gift wrapped not three hours earlier.

Then they lied to me – Oh no! they said We made these for you for your birthday.

Really? Then how come the wrapping paper you left all over the floor says “Merry Christmas, Mommy and Daddy?

1) Totally busted.

2) Now they have to buy us Christmas presents.


3) They are forgiven since these are so cute.


4) Somebody is going to have to clean up all of this wrapping paper.

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  1. My kids can’t keep a secret either.

  2. I such a horrible liar too.

  3. I love that they were able to lie about it. You’re doomed.

  4. My tree is covered in ornaments like this from both boys over the years. Some of them show somewhat grouchy faces, but I love them all.

    It helps, now that I’m old and need to rely on these things to remind me that at one point my teenager wasn’t too cool to enjoy decorating the tree with his mom. :)

  5. What is it with kids and opening presents that don’t belong to them? I totally would’ve gone with 3) too.

  6. Last time I’m going to say this: Brad Pitt.

  7. Every year my kids give up the gifts from school the minute the walk in the door. I think it’s another right of passage or something.

  8. Laughing at “Now they have to buy us Christmas presents” also the frames are pretty damn cute. Love the kid-lies. I once wrapped one of my mom’s lipsticks and gave it to her as a gift. She still likes to remind me of that even though it was like 3 years ago.

  9. I’d have to say those are some very lovely Christmas/birthday presents.

    Hope you had a great birthday! :)

  10. Cute! Let us know what they end up buying you :)

  11. How cute is that? They were so excited to give the presents to you! Awww…..

    Hopefully they buy you something nice.

  12. Those are adorable. I actually managed to to get the thing Quinn made for me home and under the tree. I’m impressed with myself.

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