Screech Was There Too

It is well documented that I love my TiVo but there was a problem with it this morning.

You know how if you are watching something you have recorded and then you just walk away for a while the channel that the last thing you recorded pops on?

That just happened to me. We were watching “Hi-5” (I know, it is like mild torture, but Claudia is a 4 year old girl and apparently she really digs show choir.) and I got dressed and was getting the kids ready for school and when we walked back into the living room I accidentally watched part of what can only be described as “A Very Special episode of Saved By the Bell goes to Hawaii”.

And I can never get those 5 minutes back.

Now I fell like this guy.


I was either slightly too old or slightly too cool to watch “Saved By the Bell” back in the day. Either way, I am glad because let’s be honest – that show sucks.

Any advice on what to watch to balance out the cheesiness?

My apologies to Jill.

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  1. I once ate a pain pill and it took me about 15 minutes for me to realize I was actually watching an episode of “Family Matters” 15 minutes!! Of Family Matters!!! I guess you could watch some educational programing like the civics or french classes you can take on TV. I know I will never recover…

  2. Watching something cheesier:

    (Break out the neon slouchy socks!)

  3. Wait. Was it a reunion? Reunions always suck. But I have to disagree—I was a huge Saved By the Bell fan. In fact, I liked all shows that took place in a school setting. That’s changed now. Obviously. But 5 minutes of the reunion never hurt anyone. You could watch 5 minutes of Jim Lehrer on PBS to get your gray matter back.

  4. Scanners! That’s a constant point of reference for me, and people always look at me like I’m insane when I bring that scene up.

    (I can’t imagine why.)


  6. What The?????

  7. Quick—go get a copy of Reservoir Dogs and watch that ear-jeopardizing scene. Normally, that part is too grisly, but you REALLY need to balance the SBTB horror. (Or, as I understand, Screech has an adult movie out…but that might be going a bit overboard…)

  8. You could try to find the porn film that Screetch made and tried to sell after saying he was broke. That might do it.

  9. I think Gossip Girl will cure you. But hands off Dan, he’s mine.

  10. i feel like that guy in scanners…..just a quick waynes world reference. and perhaps i DO want a used casket. why do u ask?

  11. I can’t help you.

    I’ve got a thing for Screech.


  12. I can’t stand Hi-5, but my son likes it…

    I have honestly sat there, watching hi-5 and thought,

    “Are these people happy doing this or do they end the show, walk offstage and say how horrible it is to be in this show and how their careers are going nowhere; and then ask each other how other auditions are going.”

  13. I have no advice because my response if that happened would have been “Oh HELL YEAH!”

    The Hawaii episodes were good. Slater met a princess or something.

  14. Well…Scanners IS pretty awesome.

  15. Boy, if Hi-5 doesn’t balance it out, I don’t know what would.

  16. You could try DAMAGES tonight on FX. Seriously. As for Reservoir Dogs Cheryl, I protest being reminded of that ear scene again. My sons warned me but I said “Well I loved Pulp Fiction so I can take it.” Major trauma ensued. And now it’s back.

  17. Yes, porn is always an option, or perhaps you can keep with the Save by the Bell theme and watch Showgirls.

  18. Hi 5 is banned in my household along with the Doodlebops. Worst kid shows ever!

  19. I can’t tell you how much I hate Hi-5. This is coming from the woman who took her son to see the Wiggles live and had a blast, so I have a HIGH tolerance for pain.

  20. I hate Hi-5. Our two-year-old is fascinated by it. As for Saved By the Bell, I didn’t know it’s still airing. I guess Screech doesn’t have a very good royalties deal for syndication, because didn’t he do porn for money recently?

  21. I saw Screech at Trader Joes in Milwaukee a while ago. Freaky.

  22. Aprylsantics says:

    Maybe you could just listen to some Cracker.

    Cheese always goes well with a cracker.

  23. I got through college without any loans because I worked three jobs. My poor ass couldn’t afford cable, so I watched Saved by the Bell. I also rode a boke to school that had a chain that fell off EVERY DAY, so that I would show up to class with grease on my hands, and I once paid for Kentucky Fried Chicken with spare change. I’m not proud.

  24. Some education I got. I rode a BIKE!

  25. You know I’ve never seen an episode of Saved by the Bell either. It’s on my list of small blessings to be thankful for.

  26. I thought I was alone in the Hi-5 suffering. It has been my daughter’s favorite show for almost 4 years. I am not kidding. They stopped making new ones years ago, so she has just watched the same batch over and over and over and over . . . I think we need to start a Hi-5 recovery group.

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