Do You Know What Day it Is?

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  1. Oh Hai! Just following the “rules” and de-lurking. I thought this day came later in the year and I had more time…oh well. I never really know how I come across my fave blogs but I always read yours and laugh, a lot. I have a friend with twins and we would get on the phone and share the funny stuff-good times!

    Wow….I hope I don’t have to do this all night-I’ll never get anything done. Oh wait-that’s why I read all these blogs instead of anything else, including my own blog! Nice!!! I go….lurking around……

  2. My favorite color is blue. My birthday is Dec. 30th. My favorite Beatles Song is either “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except for me and my Monkey” or “Here Comes the Sun” depending on my mood. I comment all the time, but I follow directions faithfully.

  3. Howdy. I’m not sure if I have commented here before or if I have merely thought of commenting and then been sidetracked. Anyway, I am a regular lurker here but I’m not so good at following instructions. Today my favourite colour is green! Happy De-Lurking Day.

  4. I comment all the time.

    Well most of the time.

    But a lot.

    Wish I knew about this. I can just do it any old day right?

  5. Hi.

  6. We all talk to ourselves all time. That’s how we stay relatively sane.

  7. I just want to say thanks for publishing your entire feed. For whatever reason your blog is blocked at school (I teach first grade) so I appreciate that I can read it in my reader.

  8. You are a gem. And it’s worth delurking to tell you so.

    My favorite color is a complicated question. I like yellow Because a friend pointed out to me that it must get it’s feelings hurt because it’s never picked as a favorite. But my house and clothes are mostly blue and green. So do you think it’s the color that I pledge my allegiance to or the colors I use?

  9. Happy delurking day! My favorite color is yellow and my favorite Beatles song is probably “Blackbird,” though there are some other contenders.

    And as you know, I am a communist who doesn’t like beer or bacon 😉

  10. Hi

  11. Woo! Not that I’m exactly a lurker, but oh well.

    And clearly, I jumped the gun and did it last week! Ah, interwebs, how you confuse me. 😉

  12. I really got nothing.. I comment all the time. You know when my birthday is, my fav color is purple and I’ll never be able to pick just one Beatles song.

  13. Hola

  14. anonymous says:

    Maybe this will be the year that I count how many annual de-lurking days there are. I can mark De-L on my calendar and then if/when something happens to me, my family can ponder into eternity what that notation means. Works for me!

  15. (clearing throat)

  16. Hi Sarah!

  17. Thanks for spreading the word re: Delurking Day, I had no idea. I comment pretty frequently but am happy to share these fascinating facts: Birthday= January 29 (sneaking up!) Color = Green and Favorite Beatles Song? It’s hard to say but today it is Norwegian Wood. Or all of Rubber Soul.

  18. Hi, I’m De. My favorite color is green.

  19. Hey there. My favourite colour is green also.

  20. I was going to say green, but it’s so popular on here that the other colors feel left out.

  21. Lumpyhead's Mom's friend Sarah says:

    First, I love your blog, and not just because we have in common that we were married on exactly the same day and that I am a twin.

  22. Hi Sarah! I’m sort of a lurker, I haven’t commented in probably over a year but I still read all your posts.

    My sister in law, who’s a twin, just had twins (boy and girl) a couple months ago, so I’ve especially enjoyed reading you in recent weeks.

    My favorite color is blue. My favorite Beatles song these days is probably Within You Without You.

    Happy DeLurking Day! I would Delurk my blog, but I’ve totally lapsed with writing anything since I started a new job …

  23. Oh hai!

  24. My favorite color is purple.

    Beatles song = Here Comes the Sun.

  25. Happy Delurking Day! There are way too many great Beatles song to possibly pick a favorite, but I love “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.”

  26. I’m here!!

  27. i could sit here and try to decide my favorite beatles song ALL DAY. and now i probably will.

  28. No delurking. Just saying hi and stuff.

  29. Yo, yo!

    As opposed to ‘yo-yo!’.

  30. Hi!

    Apparently, I’m indecisive because I can’t pick a favorite color or Beatles song. I can say definitely that my birthday is February 17th.

  31. Aunt Chris says:

    Hi Sarah – We missed you at the Christmas party.

  32. Hi, my favorite color is blue, my favorite birthday is the 10th birthday, and my favorite Beatles song is While my Guitar Gently Weeps.

  33. De-lurking ’cause you told me to! ;o) I’m really bad at lurking at blogs & never commenting. I love yours!

  34. Hello :)

  35. I’ll delurk if you will 😉

  36. Boo :) Delurking just for you today! I’ve been reading for about the last two years, but I read off a feed reader. I enjoy your random days especially.

  37. ttlyeightmom says:

    delurking here for a sec….hi!

  38. I could be naked right now. Intriguing, no?

    You make me laugh and I love that!

  39. Hi! I’ve read your blog for a month or so, but I’m always at work when I go thru my Reader so I don’t comment in case they might find my blog. And um, my favorite color is pink, my birthday is in November and I love the #1’s cd of the Beatles :)

    – Emma

  40. NOM NOM NOM NOM I EET YOU I love ya so much!

  41. My favourite colour is orange, my birthday is Oct 1st and my favourite Beatles songs are Hello, Goodbye & Lady Madonna.

  42. Will de-lurk for beer.

  43. I’m not delurking, but I’m sooooo glad I came by! Delurking day is the one day of the year where my comments exceed 5! Thanks for the reminder.

  44. I’m here. But then, I’m always here. It’s irresistable.

  45. (does her best Arnold Horseshack impression) OOH OOH! Miss Sarah! I’m HERE!

  46. Hi! Happy Monday. I’m just reading around the web as the clock clicks toward that tragic hour when I must cast aside my comfy wonderwoman pajamas and transform into worker-mom rags. Have a good day!

  47. Hi Sarah!

    I appreciate you!

    I like the Beatles vey much and since I lived in Liverpool for a year, I feel like they’re my peeps.

  48. I don’t know if I would say it’s my favorite color, but I certainly wear a lot of black.

  49. I love you, that’s all. Have a wonderful day!

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