The Sound of My Children’s Laughter

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  1. definitely!
    Same here! :)

  2. Me too.

  3. Awww. I can only imagine. Hopefully my kids will think I am funny enough to laugh a lot.

  4. Right there with you. Although the sound I formerly DISLIKED the most (to flesh out Lipton’s layers of questioning) was the sound of macaroni and cheese stirring. Now, knowing it makes my kids happy, the sound is far more bearable.

    [Whining has replaced the mac.]

  5. Amen!

  6. Yes!

    What smell do you love though? My favorite that you must ‘have one’ to understand is sweaty little boy head. There is nothing like the smell of toddler’s head after running around.

    Moms, help me out here. It’s not crazy.

  7. That is so true… nothing better. Well, maybe the sound of them snoring after a long day at home with them.

  8. Word up

  9. Me too, unless it’s right after dinner because then my son pukes. And that would be my least favorite sound. And smell.

  10. Very true….Homer was kissing me in the kitchen tonight and my 1.75 year old yelled EEEEEEEEW for the first time. I just about peed my pants. Too precious.

  11. Followed by a very close second: the sound of them all snoring! YES

  12. I love it too unless the cause of one of the kids laughing is because he hurt the other one.

  13. I like the sound of dogs barking, late at night. I like to try to “translate” what they’re “saying”. And though I don’t live in wolf territory (I live in Florida), I love the sound of howling wolves! I have an old record album, narrated by Robert Redford. Side 1 is a series of different wolf sounds, preceded by Redford’s explanation of their meanings. But I prefer Side 2, on which there’s no narration, just howling. And it’s musical! One wolf howls, then several others join in, as a group! In other words, wolves “sing” in harmony!

  14. So so true. I get drunk on it.

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