I Have Only One Question

My kids asked me if they could play dress up.

I said sure, I sill had about 25 more minutes of work to do and that is usually a safe game.

They both came out in their bathing suits.

It is 9 degrees here today.


I took a picture but I think Claudia is probably beyond the age where it would be appropriate for me to post a photograph of her wearing a bikini with no top.

See? I have some boundaries.

My question for you would be what is the last thing you saw/heard/read or overheard that made you laugh so hard you cried?

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  1. Sarah,
    I read your blog whenever I am at the lib or in class and every other internet time killing site (facebook, myspace, youtube) is blocked. I love it. I have been reading for over a year and seriously it is one of the best ways to past time.

  2. ps thats a compliment

  3. My two year old telling my one year old “It’s okay Natalee. Just wipe the snot on Daddy!” after she dropped the kleenex she was supposed to be bringing her father.

  4. Joe telling me he occasionally (okay, all the freaking time) goes into the bathroom, turns on the fan, and just farts for a good 5-10 minutes.

  5. It warmed up to 14. That is totally bathing suit weather.

  6. Watching Tropic Thunder while stoned.

    And I’m not that Joe. I don’t have that kind of stamina.

  7. The first time I saw the Cake Wrecks blog with The Husband…we laughed so hard we were rolling on the floor and I was crying.

    Huh. That’s kind of sad because it was several months ago.

  8. TrishNotChris says:

    Last Saturday, while at the mall, I discovered, halfway through writing a check, that I didn’t have my i.d., and abandoned the check in favor of a credit card.

    The next morning in church, not wanting to have to void it, I put the check (written out for $17.80–the total of my Bath and Body Works purchase)into the collection plate.

    With a lifted eyebrow, my husband leaned over and whispered “Oh, Merle and his merry band of collection counters are gonna love you. Way to fight the tyranny of round numbers, Trish.”

    I don’t know why his comment struck us as funny, but we both rocked with silent laughter till tears rolled down our faces. My grandma passed away on Christmas Eve. and boy, did it feel good to laugh…even though it really wasn’t that funny in the first place.


  9. Colonel Angus made me laugh til I cried….


    And the Kazoo Woman made me laugh til I just about fell off the couch crying…


    I’m glad my kids are the only fools who think bathing suits are appropriate attire for the winter. Mind you, they might be the only ones who like to wear parkas in the summer too!

  10. That’s clearly called “wishful thinking.” I honestly can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard. Kinda sad…

  11. on thursday, my sister and i made our mom try on her new bathing suit for us (almost time for a mexico trip) and she same downstairs and was standing in front of the front door (which has a big glass window in it) when our creepy neighbor knocked, wanting to borrow a chili pot. my mom hit the deck and crawled around the corner. in her bathing suit.

    and then i peed my pants. but only a little.

  12. The last thing that made me laugh until I cried was probably when I was reading courtroom transcriptions where they were pointing out the stupidity of lawyers’ questions (somehow, I doubt all the lawyers were stupid, but the questions sure were). Laughed until I teared up and my sides hurt. It was nice.

  13. Just about anything my daughter says or does will get me to laugh daily. The last time I really laughed until I cried was during dinner one night. You can read about it here:


  14. My husband, dancing to Mama Mia

  15. Tropic Thunder!

  16. I didn’t cry, but I laughed pretty hard at the video of David Sedaris talking about the Stadium Pal on Letterman.

  17. This weekend, my husband on a snow disk built for a child 1/4th his weight, flying down a hill, across a road and on his ass.

    Yes there are pictures. They are my wordless wednesday.


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