If You Can’t Bring the Party to Pundit Mom…

If your co-hostess can’t get to your house because, say for instance all of the bridges from Virginia into Washington D.C. are closed, there is always this option.

Devra, Pundit Mom, Goon Squad Sarah

I guess hope makes us act silly.

Joanne and the Quaker Guy Watching TV

Happy everyone and thanks to Quaker for a great party.

Inaugaration Party

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  1. I would have liked to be there, but I’m sure the traffic would have been a nightmare! Maybe a month from now we can have a “month since Bush is gone!!” happy party.

  2. That top photo is really one of the best I’ve ever seen. There are a thousand words there, and at least one of them is “awesome.”

  3. Thanks for hosting – it was fun.

  4. Thanks for helping me be there, even with the bridges.

    I sense a photo captioning contest coming on!

  5. has the kids hair darkened from the lack of FL sun or is it just the pic? Looks like a good time was had!

  6. Looks like a fun party! It was definitely cozier than the Mall which WAS FROZEN in case you didn’t hear about that. But worth it, yes.

  7. I love how sullen all the kids look in the bottom photo. It’s like they’re all waiting for someone to bring out a Wii.

  8. How cool is that. I do agree with TwoBusy. Where’s the Wii?

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