Again with the Rat Palace

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  1. They are so much your kids!

  2. Wait a second, something is fishy about this story…

    Why do you not buy your wine at Trader Joe’s?

  3. no feeling bad – that’s what grandparents are for.

  4. You got a problem with popcorn for breakfast?

  5. Ruin your life? Color me intrigued… middle school drama always makes for a fun read.

  6. Your kids are smart.

  7. Brilliant! That is a solution that will work out for everyone!

  8. I just love that you call it the Rat Palace.

  9. You could try my favorite response, “Chuck E. is yucky”.

    If you stand on the kitchen table and chant it loudly, they’ll be so distracted, they’ll forget it exists. For a while.

  10. my kid begs to go all the time. My parents took her once, when she was 14 months old. She is 3 now but she claims this is here most favorite thing ever. So I made a deal with her. When she learns to write her own name I will take her. I figure I bought myself a good 6 months.

  11. I didn’t even question your decision to throw the grandparent card. Maybe because I would exact the same revenge upon my parents and my in-laws, in exchange for all of the ways they undermine my parenting. My dad is the worst, since he’s doing all the stuff he used to complain about when my grandfather did it for me and my sister.

  12. I’m having serious deja vu. We drive by our local pizza/arcade place every single day. And every single day they ask when we’re going. I always try to make excuses or bribe them with the “be good for 3 days” or “sleep in your own bed for 2 nights” business and usually they forget all about it because heaven knows that’s not happening. But recently the pizza/arcade place has apparently vowed to make my life even more complicated with their “Kids Eat Free on Monday” sign that my oldest spotted immediately. Guess where I’ll be Monday (assuming they don’t kill each other before then).

  13. zoe tells me “Grandma loves chuck e cheese!”

  14. stephanie says:

    Oh! I know where that is. You live close by. Is that creepy?

    As a kid, I was partial to Showbiz over Chuck E, and it was my grandparents who ALWAYS took us. Showbiz is extinct now, though, I think.

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