Ice Pellets? Again?

Seriously? I have never, ever seen this as a weather forecast before, but now we get it for two days in a row.

Awesome. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

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  1. Ice pellets? That is a new one. I swear you could apply that same forecast to Ohio right now. The weather here’s been awful!

  2. strange, it is like the invented the name. all i can think of with the word pellets is mice

  3. I have never had two job interviews 2 days in row before. When does that happen? Today and tomorrow. Probably the only two snow days this entire school year.

    If I didn’t have bad luck I would have no luck at all.

  4. What the heck are ice pellets? Cloud poop?

  5. That ain’t right.

    My forecast for tomorrow:
    “Snow in the morning…then rain…snow with a chance of sleet in the afternoon.”

    Charming. Is it Spring yet?

  6. That’s crazy!

  7. Great. Just great. Tomorrow’s the day I drive 3B to day care. Or skate over there with him on a sled behind me, from the looks of that forecast.

  8. Send me some ice pellets, please. Today the top was predicted as 40 degrees, 104 F but it is actually 110 F at the moment. Tomorrow predicted as 43 so it could be any thing. As I said, send ice PLEASE!

  9. So, is that like HAIL or SLEET or something?! I’ve never seen that before and we get all types of weather in these parts (NH).

  10. Oh you must prepare accordingly!

    Stand outside with a cup in one hand and your favorite beverage in the other. Get ready to pour.

    Free ice! Yay!

  11. When they start calling them ‘Death Pellets’ or ‘Ice Daggers’ or ‘Locusts’, then you’ll know that staying home is probably a good idea that day.

  12. uh…
    Ice pellets???

  13. WTF? Sounds like frozen turds. My sympathies.

  14. We had ice pellets yesterday, too. WTF? It looked like something you’d use inside a packing box.

  15. What??!! That’s terrible. It sounds very dangerous. In FL, our worst forcast is for dangerous storms with hight winds that “could cause death” or something like that. But the word ‘death’ is definitely used.

  16. Liar. I used to live there, remember? Ice pellets were a weekly event.

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