Possibly the Work of the Devil

I’m talking about Kidz Bop.

As if the hits of today didn’t already suck bad enough. How could children singing poorly written pop songs possibly make them more palatable?

What parent in their right mind would purchase a Kidz Bop cd and then allow their child to listen to it in their presence?

Maybe it would be hilarious if you were divorced and you would send the child and their evil cd over to your ex’s house with a boom box… but barring revenge what is the upside?music-hanukkah-kidz-bop

And for the love of God – Why are there 15 of them?

And yeah, that Hanukkah Kidz Bop image is for real as far as I can tell.

Also – do you think these children understand what “sprung” means or “groupies”? What the hell is going on here?

Behold: children and “Baby Got Back”.

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  1. I fear the day when those things enter our household. I’m enjoying the A-B-C song and Itsy Bitsy Spider right now and thank GOD I don’t have to deal with kid pop songs. *shudder*

  2. I would rather hammer nails into my eardrums…and trust me, I almost have.

  3. Two words: Wee Sing

    Two more words: We Barf

  4. I have to get that.

  5. That’s just wrong…so so wrong.

  6. Is this a forerunner to Kidz Bop sing the Sex Pistols: “I am an anti-Christ! I am an anarchist … Get pissed! Destroy!”

  7. I loathe those things! They have little kids singing about things they have absolutely no business singing about! My mom bought my six year old daughter several for Christmas. We had to censure them by burning the songs we felt were appropriate onto a blank CD. “Irreplaceable”? “Crazy”? “A Public Affair”? Um, no!

  8. I never got the point of this. Why do kids like it better when other kids sing along in the background? Anyway, this reminds me of these tapes we used to have when I was a kid. They were called “Kinderhitparade” and the makers would take current pop songs and remake them with German lyrics for kids. So “In the Army Now” became a song about having to go to the school dentist. I think they even had TV shows.

  9. Kidzbop could be used at Guantanamo pretty effectively.

  10. We’ve suffered through the Kidz Bop phase. Thankfully ours have moved on to shit like The Cheetah Girlz and Green Day.

    By night’s end, I predict me and her will interface.

  11. This website is being featured on Five Star Friday’s Intrepid Tuesday!

  12. My son is only allowed to listen to the real artists, like Snoop Dog.

  13. Yet another reason that I have dogs instead of humans.

    I have also, ahem, never been inside a Chuck E. Cheese “restaurant.”

  14. Well I’m glad YOU said it. I would sound like an old fogey if it came from me. Get them some Motown and Da Doo Ron Ron and all will be well.

  15. I HATE these CDs. Why can’t the kids just listen to the original artists? Not to mention, it is kind of weird hearing kids sing songs by Rihanna about dancing and making out.

  16. Yeah, Wee Sing Silly Songs was the first thing I thought of while reading this. I swore I would never buy them, and I haven’t. We do own a Halloween Kids Bop and maybe a Christmas one. That’s enough. The kids also have their own CD players so I don’t have to listen to them.

    Both boys are into the Beatles and that guy who did the Curious George soundtrack. At least they are originals.

  17. WTF?

    I honestly watched, and waited for the ad lib words. Didn’t see any. Seriously heard child voices sing the words “Now here’s my scandal, I wanna get you home
    And ugh, double-up, ugh, ugh”


    Let’s let Sir-Mix-a-lot do the singing kids…thanks for the warning though.


  18. I thought the whole point of kidzbop was that they cleaned up the lyrics for the kids. Since these children are “so horny,” APPARENTLY NOT.

  19. Wow. I also thought Kidz Bop was supposed to be the ‘clean’ version of songs. I play my iPod in the car, but skip onto the next song if “Baby Got Back” or “Humpty Dance” comes on. I guess I’m a prude compared to the producers of children’s CDs.

  20. I will never understand this. To me it’s like a Christian choral group singing Kanye West.

    It’s just WRONG.

  21. thank goodness that monkey can’t stand these. she’d much rather listen to the original artist or at least someone who can sing. *shudder*

  22. i’m not sure if i’m mortified or highly entertained by shock value…. so i’ll just say:

  23. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

    And, yeah, I’ve bought a few. To be played only in the kids’ rooms. Honest.

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