I’ve Heard of Cabin Fever, But This is Ridiculous (Questions for You)

I don’t mean to be a whiner, but I have only left my house twice in the past 10 days and both times it was to the grocery store and back. Tack a full week onto that and you will have the number of days since both of my children have gone to school and I was free to run errands or work in peace.

Needless to say, I am fairly pissy. I started four posts this morning and they were all so bitchy that I couldn’t post them.  One was just a list of spoilers. I don’t know what my problem is.

The good news is that tomorrow I not only get to leave the house, but I am visiting a city I have never been to before and it is 30 degree warmer there than it is here.

Anyway, to avoid listening to me complain it is time for my latest installment of Questions for You!questions


1) I will be flying without my children. What should I read? (Bonus points if I can pick it up at the airport)

2) What is your favorite casino in Las Vegas?

3) What is your lucky number?

4) What is the best game I can get as an iPhone app?

5) If you could fly anywhere in the world this weekend where would you go?

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  1. 1) Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill. Creeeeeepy.

    2) Any one that doesn’t have my children in it.

    3) Lucky 7s, all the way.

    4) I’m big on the air hockey one. You can even play head-to-head with whoever’s sitting next to you on the plane. Good times.

    5) Wine country. Any wine country. Sonoma, Oregon, New Zealand… I’m not picky.

  2. Where are you headed?

    1. No clue, I think I forgot how to read actual books that aren’t blog shaped on the Internet. SIGH. You can’t pick it up at the airport but I LOVED Havemercy by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennent.

    2. I was only there for work once so I didn’t get to do snazzy casino things. MGM looked cool though.

    3. 7

    4. Do they have Bust a Move?

    5. BlissDom. :(

  3. Awww, yeah. I wish I were traveling somewhere this weekend… alone, free of kids (and husband? please?)…

    1) Anything by Bill Bryson. But especially, “I’m a Stranger Here Myself”, or “A Walk in the Woods.”

    2)I have never been to Vegas, but my favorite in Biloxi is the Imperiale Palace.

    3) 8.

    4) I only have a nano. I am no help to you.

    5) The carribbean, for sure. It is ridiculously cold, even in Atlanta.

    Have an awesome trip!

  4. 1. Whatever It Takes, by Paul Tough
    2. For gambling, they’re all pretty much the same. For eating, the Bellagio is best. Find the place in Bellagio with the champagne brunch.
    3. 8
    4. Sadly, I have no iPhone games. If Tetris is available, I’d get it in a heartbeat.
    5. I’m with TwoBusy: Napa, Sonoma, or New Zealand sound good. Hiking and wine, FTW!

  5. 1) Anything by James Patterson, Ken Follett or Harlan Coben. You’ll definitely find them in the airport.

    2) Paris or MGM Grand, though all of Vegas has the best people to draw.

    3) 3

    4) Chop Sushi?

    5) Any place warmer than New Jersey.

  6. 1. I read the Reader last week on the plane. Meh. John Scalzi (Old Man’s War) was great and good even though it is sci-fi.
    2. Circus circus! (not kidding, always loved it)
    3. 3
    4. I just got monopoly and I am pretty addicted. Enigmo is pretty fun, Orions is pretty fun, up there is pretty fun.
    5. NOWHERE! I hate traveling now! I hope I get over this.

  7. 1.You can hit the Borders at the airport and pick up “The Year of Living Biblically” and then read it on the plane, laugh out loud and have people stare at you. I did this just last week.

    2. The Bellagio is my favorite casino. Not for gambling just for the fountain. I want to frolick their fountain much like I once frolicked in the Trafalger Square fountain. The Bellagio fountain has fewer pigeons and this is why it is my favorite casino.

    3. 8 is my lucky number, but I also am fine with factors of 8.

    4.iPhone apps? I don’t have an iPhone, you know this about me. I can however offer you a few of my college apps and a few job apps to read on the plane. How about that?

    5. If I could fly anywhere in the world this weekend it would be to Arizona and I would take care of The Condo Situation.

  8. 1. The Winner by David Baldacci http://www.amazon.com/Winner-David-Baldacci/dp/0446606324 if you want thriller/suspense/easy reading. A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel http://www.amazon.com/Girl-Named-Zippy-Growing-Mooreland/dp/0767915054 if you want humerous/light reading.

    2. I don’t remember but I liked most of them!

    3. #8 baby!

    4. No clue

    5. Miami

  9. 1) Something easy. I’d say anything by Harlan Coben.

    2 Only been 2x, once 7.5 months pg. I just remember crying during that trip. 2nd trip I really liked walking through New York, NY

    3) 15

    4) I love the Fishing and Bowling ones (pathetic, I know)

    5) Any place where the temperature has 2 digits and the first at least starts with a 7.

  10. 1. Prolly can’t get it in an airport, but I recommend “A Little More About Me” by Pam Houston. It’s a book of essays. It is awesome.

    2. Take a craps lesson at Caesars. If you go early enough in the day, when they’re not busy, one of the floor managers will actually teach you how to play. My favorite casino, though…hell, I can’t remember the name of it. It’s the Mardi Gras themed one. They had a really great seafood buffet, if memory serves.
    3. 4
    4. I don’t have an IPhone. But when in doubt, go with Tetris. Or Diner Dash.
    5. Somewhere with sand and sun and margaritas.

  11. Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen.

    I’ve never been to Las Vegas. My bestest friend got married there (alongside a pretty deadly Elvis impersonator), and I think I remember her saying The Bellagio was pretty boss.

    13 has always treated me pretty well.

    I don’t have an iPhone but I do have a Touch and I am totally addicted to Tangram Pro puzzles.

    My nose hairs froze this morning when I went outside. I’d go somewhere warm. I’d probably go visit my SIL in Barbados.

  12. 1.) Porn. It’ll be more fun to read the looks on people’s faces to see a mom-type with a dirty-dirty than it would be to embark on a text just for the flight.

    2.) Can you pick a favorite child? I dunno…the Sahara is nice and old school. (Casino Royale gives a free drink if you’re from out-of-state, FYI.)

    3.) They’re all lucky.

    4.) iPhone? Who can afford one? (and if I could, I’d likely let it ride on 22 red…)

    5.) Viva Las Vegas, Baby.

  13. 1) I’d love to know what you think of the Slash biography. If you haven’t read it yet, that’s my pick.

    2) I’m currently editing a story about the Venetian. So I’ll say the Venetian!

    3) 8

    4) Tetris? Clearly, I have no idea.

    5) I’m currently lusting over David Copperfield’s private islands in the Bahamas – but I think I’d have to sell all 3 of my children to afford the room & board.

  14. 1. Good lord, I’m no help there.

    2. My sister-in-law is a concierge at the Venitian (sp?), and my brother is a bartender at The Palms. So if you see Nicole or Adrian, say hey. :-)

    3. 11

    4. Mine are all boring. Just solitaire. Boo.

    5. We ARE going to Florida, with the kids, to stay with the grandparents. I would LIKE to go someplace calm and quiet. By myself. Sigh, maybe in another 16.5 years.

  15. You’re coming my way? Duude. You’ve gotta get in touch so I can at least buy you a drink, but don’t call me if you need bail (have you seen this economy?)

    To answer your questions,
    1) Not Twilight (unless you want every third person gicing you grief about what took you so long to read it, that it’s overrated, the book was better than the movie, etc.)

    2) I have to go with the Wynn. I haven’t been over to Encore yet, but I’ve heard it’s awesome.

    3) Sweet 16 baby.

    4) Sorry, I’m a Crackberry baby, so I can’t help you here. I’m told the scrabble game is a good one though.

    5) Florida. Long story. Buy me a drink and I’ll dish.

  16. 1. Toss up between a creepy book and a gossip magazine. You don’t want to start reading something you can’t finish.

    2. Explore them all…I did win the most money at NY NY…but that’s not as exciting as some of them.

    3. 27

    4. Scrabble, bejeweled, Ben Stein’s Trivial Game

    5. Paris

  17. 1. Did you mean a book or magazine? I am blanking on good suggestions. Sorry!
    2. Never been to Vegas. I kick ass at this game.
    3. Double 7s!
    4. mmmm iPhone! I have one of those! I don’t have any sweet gambling apps though. FAIL.
    5. Have to say Caribbean, am hating the cold.
    Enjoy your trip!

  18. 5-I would be going to Blissdom if I could go anywhere.

    Have a fun time!

  19. 1. Prep: It’s a good, not overly complicated book that is popular enough to be in small airport bookstores.

    2. No idea. Someplace with nickel slots and free drinks?

    3. None.

    4. You can get Mah Jong for free.

    5. Argentina.

  20. 1) I can’t remember if you read this already, but I just read “Eat, Pray, Love” and very much enjoyed it. I’m really big on memoirs so that’s what I’d try to find if I were flying.

    2) Never been, so I have no recommendations.

    3) 4

    4) My three current favorites are ChocChocPop (the Lite version is free and just as good as the paid), Fuzzle, and Wordplay. Wordplay is like Boggle on crack.

    5) Vancouver, BC if I just had the weekend. Or Florence, Italy if I could extend the vacation a few more days.

  21. 1) i just finished the twilight series and just saw the movie. if you go with that, kick ppl in the shin HARD for giving you any grief. (we’re pretty big vampire fans at casa de zeghsy – we’ve moved onto the house of night series.)
    2)i’ve never been to vegas either. i’d say the bellagio (coz ocean’s 11 rocks!) or whatever hotel “vegas” is supposed to be.
    3)7 or 13. i like 7 and i met monkey’s dad on the 13th (a friday – double bonus points!).
    4)i don’t have an iphone, but i had a totally awesome hello kitty game on a razr a while ago. (yes i’m a nerd like that.)
    5)it’s not warm there now, but i’d go to savannah this weekend if i could. my squeeze lives there and i miss him.

  22. Frank Sucks says:

    1. I haven’t read much since I got my Masters, but Watchmen was cool, and its a comic book!

    2. Whichever one has the lowest table limits and the quickest waitresses. Been years since I been there, but I always liked downtown best, not as much since they put the roof on. Golden Nugget Downtown, Strip, Caesars

    3. 8

    4. I’m holding out for a Pre

    5. I hate flying.

  23. 1. Well, since you can’t get my book at the airport, pick up any Janet Evanovich. They’re light and fun.
    2. Paris Las Vegas or Bally’s, because a pal of mine is wardrobe manager for the Jubilee show there.
    3. 9
    4. Don’t know — I wish I did!
    5. With you, because I could get us free tix to Jubilee. And I would take you to the Liberace museum, because it’s a hoot!

  24. 1) Eat, Pray, Love is supposed to be good. I haven’t read it, but I HAVE seen it at the airport. Or Pillars of the Earth, because it’s total guilty pleasure and it kind of sucks you in if you like thinking about how cathedrals are built. Or Middlesex by Jeffrey Euginedes if you like hermaphrodites and drama.

    2) The MGM Grand. I love movies.

    3) 36

    4) No iPhone… although I get a big kick out of the iFart application because I have the humor of a 11-year old boy.

    5) Paris. It would be cold, but to be in Paris at any time would be amazing. Or Greece. To one of those cliff-side towns that makes me dizzy and envious all at once.

  25. 1. Robin Cook thrillers are easy reading, always available at the airport, and can be finished in one flight.
    2. Haven’t been there in ages.
    3. 9
    4. I have a million of ’em but most consistently play Hearts, Monopoly, and Scrabble.
    5. Nowhere!

  26. 1. Unaccustomed Earth.
    2. Bellagio
    3. 9
    4. Scrabble is crazy-addictive. Tetris is fun as well.
    5. A warm beach

  27. 1. Something really trashy that you’d be embarrassed to let any of your friends see you reading.
    2. They are probably all the same. Never been there though.
    3. 7
    4. iBeer. You may prefer to order a real one of these from the nice air hostess though.
    5. Somewhere with water – it’s hot hot hot here. Maybe one of the Whitsunday islands at the Great Barrier Reef – only 2 hours away time wise (for me) but far away in terms of reality!

    Have fun!

  28. 1) I will be flying without my children. What should I read? (Bonus points if I can pick it up at the airport)

    Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris (the first season of True Blood is based on this book)

    2) What is your favorite casino in Las Vegas?

    I think its the Belagio that has an indoor garden/greenhouse thing. I’m not a gambler so I just enjoyed walking thru all of the casinos to check out the decor.

    3) What is your lucky number? 25

    4) What is the best game I can get as an iPhone app? I have no idea

    5) If you could fly anywhere in the world this weekend where would you go?

    New Orleans

  29. 1. I’d also say “Eat Pray Love” just because it’s a quick read and pretty inspiring.

    2. My favorite is prolly New York New York, but I can never win a dime there.

    3. 4

    4. By far the most addicting one I’ve found is called Tap Defense. You have to build different towers to kill demons trying to get into Heaven. Sounds eye-rollingly stupid, but I love it! And it’s free! I also dig Word Warp.

    5. Italy. :)

  30. 1. Oh Em Gee Twilight. Or…. some frilly chick-lit for some real escapism.

    2. I <3 The Venetian.

    3. 9

    4. I don’t have an i-pod…. but I love bejeweled on my blackberry.

    5. Washington D.C.

  31. 1. Escape, about the woman who leaves the FLDS church. And you CAN get it at the airport. I did. Please buy it immediately so we can discuss.
    2. Vegas scares me.
    3. 3
    4. No idea.
    5. Somewhere warm, within two time zones.

  32. 1. I only read newspapers and magazines when I fly. I feel less guilty if I don’t finish them on the trip.

    2. The Las Vegas Club in downtown has the most liberal blackjack rules. If you really want to really gamble stay in downtown (I love the Golden Nugget) — not as crowded, smaller, and filled with old-school cheese! If you want to gawk or be dazzled, the Venitian is very cool. Paris and NY NY are surprising similiar. Avoid the Stratosphere!

    3. 11 and 28.

    4. There’s one that lets you play guitar. I don’t own an iPhone but my friend showed me hers. Once.

    5. This weekend, any place above 70 degrees

  33. 1) I will be flying without my children. What should I read?

    Anything your little heart desires, from a bodice ripper (historical romance) to War and Peace.

    2) What is your favorite casino in Las Vegas?

    Anyone I didn’t stay in, or get married in. Let’s go with . . . Venetian.

    3) What is your lucky number?


    4) What is the best game I can get as an iPhone app?

    No iDea. Sorry.

    5) If you could fly anywhere in the world this weekend where would you go?

    Chicago. Not for weather, to visit a friend.

  34. 1. The Flying Troutmans, by Miriam Toews. I doubt it’s at the airport, but it’s really good and excruciatingly well written. Also in that vein, plesae read A Girl Named Skippy followed by She Got Up Off the Couch, both by Haven Kimmel. Oh, maybe you should read those first. Genius, I read Skippy on a redeye once and kept waking up my seat neighbor with my guffawing.

    2. I have no answer, anywhere I can get free drinks for playing nickel slots, preferablly with a $2 lobster buffett chaser.

    3. ummm, let’s go with 13. I’m a rebel.

    4. I’m too poor and stupid to have an iphone. but my razr has pacman!

    5. Maui. Always Maui.

  35. Casino? MGM. The Bellagio is nice but doesn’t feel like a Vegas casino. Lucky number? 18.

  36. Hope it’s a smooth flight and a great trip.

  37. 5. Somewhere where I can lay on a beach chair and have someone else bring me drinks and food. Although, I’m not sure I could easily walk through an airport right now.

  38. Where are you going? Or do I have to read a different post for that info? Anyway….

    1) Just finished Bridge of Sighs by Richard Russo. Enjoyed it very much. ANY book by Russo is highly recommended.

    2) No idea. Only been to Vegas once (Oh that must be where you’re going) for work and visited the Flamingo Hilton, Caesars and Treasure Island

    3) Don’t have one

    4) Don’t have an iphone

    5) Any nice coastal location.

    She’s got her period. Should make for an interesting honeymoon, huh?

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