Why Is Chris Mortensen In My Bathroom?

Believe it or not there is a television in the bathroom mirror at my hotel.

There is a tv in my mirror.

Does this seem unusual to anyone else? I mean you can’t really see this mirror from the shower and I don’t use the toilet THAT much. I guess it would be convenient during The Super Bowl but the rest of the time… superfluous.

(I know, it isn’t really a good picture of me OR Chris. Okay, yeah, it is a worse picture of him, but I don’t have all day to stand around taking pictures of my bathroom mirror when I’m on vacation. And yes, I do watch ESPN everytime I get the remote control.)

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  1. So you can watch the news while you shave your hairy face, OBVIOUSLY 😉

  2. I think the picture is awesome! Very artsy & your expressions work well together!

  3. Dude. That guy can watch you poop.

    Despite the fact that there’s a TV in the bathroom mirror, the fact that that guy can watch you poop is not cool.

    I would not be able to poop in there.

  4. Weird, but my husband would love it.

  5. I would have TOTALLY taken that picture naked, trying to make sure Mortensen hid all the goodies.

    Does that me weird? OR did you already have that idea and know enough to walk away from a really bad idea?

  6. Okay, I thought it was bad when I saw TV’s installed above each pump at a gas station a week or so ago… but I think this has that beat.

  7. It’s brilliant. I’d add a mini refrigerator and use the bathroom as a break room from the kids. You’d have everything you need entertainment, food and uh an outlet for when you’re, uh, done with the food.

  8. That’s both a little bit cool and a little bit freaky. I guess this is multitasking at it’s best. Now you can brush your teeth and watch the Today Show at the same time.

  9. I SO want that, I would never leave my toilet!

    You look confused in the picture, him on the other hand, looks kind of constipated/going to make a raspberry noise…


  10. Wh wh wh whuuuuuuutttttttttt???????

  11. We actually saw those when we were redoing our house, but not only are they weird, they are prohibitively expensive. Not to mention if I was taking a tubby to relax, I would not want the TV yapping at me.

    OTOH, since just about the only time I watch TV news is in hotel rooms, this is not a bad idea.

    My father who owned a construction firm and was enough of a gadget geek to have phone in car and in his bathroom (eew!) in the 70s, would have totally had one of these if the existed back then.

  12. I’ve got a TV in my bathroom (not in the mirror), but it’s to encourage me to take more and longer baths.

    It rarely gets turned on unless I’m going to be soaking in the tub for a while.

  13. I’d want to poop like, all day.

  14. I love the word superfluous. Also love some privacy in the bathroom.

  15. When we stayed there they didn’t have that Max Headroomesque bathroom tv thing.

    Now where is THE pic I have been waiting days to see? Hmmm? Where?

    And if you didn’t commit The Act, then this just proves traveling without me in the future is just not going to be happening again.

  16. Must have this. Though, with the way things go around here, I’d have two kids in the bathroom with me and it would be tuned to Noggin.

  17. Simply amazing

  18. I thought the phone in the bathroom was too much, but the t.v.? So bizarre. Also? Intriguing. Hope your vacation’s awesome!

  19. Weird.

    So you could watch TV while you did your hair and makeup?

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