Desert My Eye

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  1. Shenanigans? How about fiddlesticks?

  2. Time to build an Ark.

  3. Is this some sort of Global Moistening?


  4. You have some scary powers, woman. First, farmers burn their blue agave in the field after you swear off Tequila. Then you say you secretly hate book reviews, and the Washington Post yanks its book review section. Now you seem to be exhibiting the power to MAKE IT RAIN.

    I’m frightened.

  5. and they say it will snow tonite…

  6. here anyways (d’oh! stupid me! :) lol)

  7. I can’t wait to hang with you in Chicago this summer. I’ll bring my umbrella.

  8. I just love that you “called Shenanigans.” That was tremendous.

  9. In Tucson they called it monsoon season.

  10. My hometown is Albuquerque. Summers were always very stormy. It’s called monsoon.

  11. We are in the middle of a drought (supposedly) and it has been raining for days, and the floors are an inch thick in mud that the dogs have tracked in. Drought shmought. Fiddlesticks.

  12. We took the kids to the Grand Canyon one year and went specifically in August thinking it would be so hot it wouldn’t be that crowded. It wasn’t crowded at all but that’s because that is when MONSOON season is. WTF?! Why does Arizona have a Monsoon season?

  13. Since it is a desert, it is sand. Which means it doesn’t soak up the rain. Hence the flooding.

    The rain they get seems like a lot because it comes down quickly and can’t absorb. But I guarantee you, live there and you’ll be convinced it is a desert. Trust me, I lived in AZ for 4 years.

  14. Heh. You said “moistening.”

  15. i call shenanigans on the word “moist.”
    i think it might be my least favorite word ever and i almost gag every time i hear it.

    but we’re still cool, because i only had to READ it.
    so, i still love you.

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