A Redneck Shower

My friend and blog idol Tanis (you probably know her as Redneck Mommy) brought home a bouncing baby boy yesterday. Okay, well he might not technically be a baby. He is five, but either way he was welcomed home as part of her family for the first time yesterday.

Now, since Tanis has this mothering thing down and since her new baby is already potty trained, we are throwing her a proper redneck shower.

Aside: I was shocked when Tanis turned out to be Canadian. I didn’t know Canada had rednecks. I thought it was America specific. I was actually relieved to know that there are rednecks all over North America.

Now, how am I a redneck Mommy?

Well, there is this.


and this. (seriously, click the link. You won’t be sorry.)

Congratulations to Tanis and her whole family.

I’ve got to go break up a cat fight. No, really. My cats are fighting. I guess there is a little bit of redneck mommy in all of us.

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  1. Woah. That’s some beard. Now I’ve got to click on that link.

  2. Great tush!

  3. That is a cute tushie.

  4. Best. Picture. Evah.

    Dying laughing.

    I heart you. Thank you so very much for helping to welcome my son into our family and online community.

    And I will forever have a thing for bearded ladies from now on.

  5. The pic wasn’t what I was expecting. Good stuff.

  6. Goldfish and booze. It doesn’t get much better than that.

  7. Oh yes, we have our rednecks. To whit, the first public speaking engagement that your former (unlamented) President has? Nowhere else but Redneck Mommy’s home province.

    Ayuh. Kid thee not. We, in the rest of Canada, try hard not to mock all of them.

  8. are you wearing a duran duran shirt?

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHA! LOVE those pictures!

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