He is So Metal

Ian: Mommy. Thunder is wearing chains with spikes on them. He is a death horse. I am going to stand on him and hold two swords at the same time. He is like the DEVIL!

Rides off on imaginary death horse.

Me: (in my best Nathan Explosion voice) Metal.

Flashes devil horns to son who has left the room on the before mentioned imaginary death horse.


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  1. He is going to make everything Metal.

  2. Congrats — you spawned a horseman of the apocalypse.

    (the other moms are gonna be soooooo jealous when they find out…)

  3. you mean metal or mental???

  4. Sweet. Rock on, Metal Man.

  5. Next comes eyeliner and the Rock of Love bus.

  6. That sounds awesome, my son would sooo love a death horse like that – can you buy them online?

  7. Mine head bangs in the car…they would get along FABULOUSLY!

  8. that is hilarious! I can totally see that going on in your house. Is he still into only black shoes?

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