Live From the Mom 2.0 Summit

I am sitting at the Mom 2.0 Summit watching some guy doing a dramatic reading of one of The Blogess’ posts.

I’m not kidding.

But if you are on twitter at all you probably already know that.

Here is what I really wanted to tell you – THE DALLAS MAVERICKS ARE STAYING IN OUR HOTEL!

Yvonne met Jason Kidd. She has a picture to prove it in everything.*

Sadly, I saw no Mavericks and the only people I have seen from Dallas are other bloggers and I think the basketball team is probably already gone.

If by some twist of fate they are still in Houston and I see one of them you will be the second to know.**

* I tried to find the picture on flickr to show you but I don’t think she has uploaded it yet.

* *Right after I tell everybody in the immediate vicinity. And probably twitter. Really you will be third, but you understand.

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  1. The dramatic reading–I hope someone videoed that.

    Good luck bumping into the Mavericks!

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