Not Really About the Conference – Not Really Not About it Either

Since I figure you can find all sorts of information on the Mom 2.0 Summit elsewhere on the internet I won’t go into too many details about the conference itself.

Yes, it was fabulous. Yes, you should go next year. Yes, I talked with wonderful and brilliant women… but you probably already knew that. Instead I will talk about all of the non-blogging celebrities that were in Houston when we were there.

No, I never saw any of the Dallas Mavericks. Yes, Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Bobcats were staying in our hotel the night before we left and I definitely saw one of them (Seriously, you can’t miss a 7 foot  tall man in the Four Seasons lobby.) but I’m not sure which one because 1) I really need new contacts and 2) My kids don’t let me watch Sports Center anymore.

Yes, Robin Williams was also in the hotel and I didn’t see him.

But I DID see and say hi to Gorge Lopez (who may or may not have been walking with a woman of ill repute*).

We also had an amazing meal at T’afia. It was delicious and I thought that it was very reasonably priced for fine dining. What made the meal truly memorable was Monica Pope. Not only did she feed us insanely well, but she also spent time at our table talking to us about the food, and about other things.

In other news, I will soon be doing a giveaway. I’ll be giving away a copy of Katherine Center’s new novel “Everyone is Beautiful.” Why? Because I bought a copy of her book after meeting her and finding her charming and witty. Then 10 minutes later Devra told me that I already owned this book as it was included in the bag the Mom 2.0 Summit ladies gave the speakers. Devra says this proves her assertion – it isn’t that I am not that bright (as I often maintain) but instead I am woefully unobservant.

I say in this particular situation it might actually prove both theories right as well as my mother’s theory that I tend to spend money on things I don’t actually need.

Either way, I’m bringing back the “What the Hell is Sarah reading?” contests as I both have a good prize and was smart enough not to list my airplane selection on “Good Reads” this time.


* Please, please, please don’t let this have been his step-daughter or niece. And if it was a family member or young heavily made- up friend of the  family I fully apologize, but she should really have been wearing more clothes.

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  1. I loved Mom 2.0 and I am now officially in withdrawal. I found my little registration tag necklace in my car today and felt a wash of affection and nostalgia. It was so great to meet you–and thank you for the post and the giveaway!!

  2. My favorite line from The World According to Garp: “Is that the latest fashion?”

    “No Mom, that’s the oldest profession.”

  3. Since Lumpyhead’s mom mentioned the World According To Garp, I only think it appropriate to mention I went to elementary school with the actor who played the kid in the movie who gets his penis caught in the zipper of his own pants.

  4. Can you go if you’re not a mom? Because I’m not and probably won’t be by this time next year. I can almost guarantee that with 100% certainty.

  5. Kristabella: I went to the summit even though I’m not a mom.

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  1. […] This is one of those first come first served things so the first reader with the correct answer will receive a copy of Katherine Center’s new novel Everyone Is Beautiful. Remember? I have two of them. […]