And I Am Invoking My Fifth Amendment Rights

I have just been accused of not giving my son (another) snack so that he won’t have any energy and he will have to take a nap.

Secretly I just wish I was that clever.

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  1. Another snack actually sounds amazing. I love being an adult at times like this.

  2. Don’t you wish it were that easy?

  3. Because hungry kids fall right asleep? I’m with Lori, I just wish it were that easy. My own darling child hasn’t napped in years, regardless of the snack situation.

  4. Watch your back — at some point, he may get hungry enough to seriously consider cannibalism.

  5. I HAVE been that brilliant (desperate) in the past.


    Did not work.


  6. If only witholding snacks would make the boy fall asleep…

  7. Maybe he will grow up to be a lawyer!

  8. Get ready for some future therapy revealing everything is really your fault.

  9. I am so trying that one.

  10. Lol! My daughter hates sleeping too. When she gets sleeply, she says that ants bit her eyes because they hurt. Lol! I wish there was an easy way to have kids sleep.

  11. Wouldn’t it be nice if all you had to do to get your kids to nap was to deprive them of a snack? That would be amazing.

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