Do You Ever Have One of Those Posts Where the Title is Longer Than the Actual Blog Post?

Like this one?

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  1. Better yet — do you ever have one of those posts where the comments on the post far exceed the verbage of both the title and content of the post put together?

  2. Dude have you ever forgotten you had a blog for like a week? I totally have.

  3. This never happened to me. But when it does, I will think of you and wonder if you don’t know me better than I know myself.

  4. no.


    Why do you ask?

    (I totally have to stop that right?)

  5. BWHAAAAhahahaha, this just made me spit 6 hour old coffee all over my screen. I don’t know why. You just put me over the edge, I guess :) Thanks for that!

  6. heh heh.

  7. no but I think I should create one soon!

  8. very clever

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